Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady jokes to model Tiffany Coyne about her job during ‘breaking news’ game

wayne brady and tiffany coyne face shots from lets make a deal
Wayne Brady also has fun with his Let’s Make a Deal co-stars. Pic credit: CBS

Wayne Brady recently made some funny remarks to his co-star, questioning her role on Let’s Make a Deal.

Announcer Jonathan Mangum and model Tiffany Coyne often participate in some antics to help Wayne make the game show entertaining.

They’ve both appeared with Wayne previously on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, a popular show featuring comedic improvisation skits.

On a recent Let’s Make a Deal episode, a contestant tried to determine if she wanted the potential prize behind one of two curtains.

However, she needed some clues from Tiffany and Jonathan to help with her decision, and they helped out during a humorous segment.

Along the way, Wayne couldn’t help but laugh and call out his co-stars over how they acted.

Wayne tells co-star, ‘I don’t even know what you do’ during game show

The June 17 episode of Let’s Make a Deal featured the Breaking News game. Wayne sat with a contestant at a desk.

He revealed that “two former superheroes now turned news correspondents” would deliver clues about the potential prize the contestant could win behind the curtain.

Wayne introduced Jonathan as “Rhyming Man” and Tiffany as “10 Seconds Later Woman.” The two co-stars held microphones and stood in front of Curtain Three.

“I have the power of rhyming. Everything I say rhymes,” Jonathan joked.

Tiffany joked she had the power of “see-through vision.”

“Oh, you took that power instead of the power of listening,” Wayne joked since he’d called her “10 Seconds Later Woman.”

The contestant asked Jonathan and Tiffany to describe what they could about the prize.

“What’s back there right now is not very old. If you touch it with your hands, you’ll feel very not hot,” Jonathan joked in a non-rhyming sentence.

Wayne lost it over Jonathan’s delivery as he laughed briefly before asking if Tiffany had anything to contribute.

“I don’t even know what you do anymore,” he said after Tiffany revealed her power earlier.

“It’s hot, and then it’s cold,” she said as she turned and pretended to look through the curtain.

The contestant looked at questions and instructions on a paper on the desk and asked Jonathan and Tiffany to “act out” the prize.

Tiffany began to spin around several times while Jonathan hilariously started to shake.

“Clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk-a-clunk,” he sounded out as he pressed a finger to his chest and pretended to be a moving object.

Wayne offered the contestant either Curtain One or Curtain Three. Despite Jonathan and Tiffany’s impressive skills, the contestant opted for Curtain One.

Wayne told producers to open Curtain Three first, and the contestant saw she could’ve won brand new kitchen appliances. However, Curtain One had a large sign that displayed $15,000 as her prize.

Who is Let’s Make a Deal’s Tiffany Coyne?

Tiffany, 42, is a model and dancer from Layton, Utah. She is married to Chris Coyne, and the couple has two children. Chris has a background in entertainment, including acting and working in sound and music departments on various projects.

Before her game show job, Tiffany was a dancer with the NBA’s Utah Jazz, performed on a cruise ship, and appeared in Las Vegas shows, including Jubilee!, Fashionistas, and Sirens of TI.

She became the floor model for Let’s Make a Deal when CBS relaunched the game show in 2009 and appears regularly in each episode to help present prizes or participate in fun game segments.

In addition to the above gigs, Tiffany has modeled for United Airlines and Chase Bank. She appeared as a stand-in on The Price Is Right and had a cameo appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful.

As mentioned, she also dropped by Whose Line Is It Anyway? last year to have fun with her co-stars on the improv show.

Wayne’s comments about Tiffany were all for fun as part of the game show since he’s worked with her for many years.

In a previous episode of Let’s Make a Deal, Wayne told a contestant who had just shared a heartbreaking story that she could take over Tiffany’s job for part of the show. Tiffany eventually returned to the stage and has continued to appear regularly in the CBS episodes.

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