Let’s Make a Deal: Wayne Brady has contestant take over for model Tiffany Coyne after heartbreaking loss

lets make a deal host wayne brady up close
Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady always has something up his sleeve. Pic credit: CBS

Wayne Brady gave a special deal to one contestant on Let’s Make a Deal after she revealed a heartbreaking loss.

In a recent episode of the popular game show, Rhonda, who wore a pink fairy costume, appears on the stage with Wayne.

A YouTube video features the Let’s Make a Deal host telling Rhonda he was “happy” that she came on the game show.

However, the video started after Rhonda shared two things about herself.

She shared that her job is a payroll specialist, and everyone loves her because she “gives out the money.”

However, she also talked about the recent loss she suffered in her life and her inspiration for going on the show.

Let’s Make a Deal contestant shared her story about a recent loss: ‘She’s here with me’

Rhonda was the first contestant to go on stage with Wayne. After revealing her work as a payroll specialist, she shared an emotional story.

“First of all, I want to say thank you for choosing me, and I have something very deep within me,” she said.

“My mom recently passed from breast cancer, and throughout her chemo, I was with her. She loved, loved Let’s Make a Deal,” Rhonda shared, adding, “I said, ‘Mom, fight, fight. Once you fight and get through this, I’m gonna bring you to Let’s Make a Deal.'”

“Unfortunately, she passed. But I kept my promise. She’s here with me,” Rhonda said as she showed the small photo in a case hanging from the pink bead necklaces she wore.

lets make a deal screenshot from may 28 2024 episode featuring contestant heartbreaking loss
A contestant shared a story about someone she wanted to bring to Let’s Make a Deal. Pic credit: CBS

Rhonda’s story brought applause and seemed to get Wayne emotional as he paused momentarily.

“I’m happy that you’re here, and you know what? We’re gonna make it a happy occasion for you. You got your mama with you. You’re gonna have a good time,” he said.

Let’s Make a Deal contestant helped out Tiffany

After Rhonda revealed her story on Let’s Make a Deal, Wayne told her it was time to make sure she had a “good time” on the game show.

“We’re gonna do this for Mama,” he told her.

“You know what I’d love for you to do is how bout I give you a job?” Wayne asked, adding, “How bout you are Tiffany’s assistant for this deal?”

Although he said “assistant,” Rhonda took over for Tiffany Coyne, the show’s model.

“You look beautiful,” Rhonda told Tiffany, who thanked her for “helping out” for the day.

Tiffany explained she wasn’t “quite ready yet” and had to leave to change her shoes and finish getting ready.

“So if you can do this, that would be great,” Tiffany told her.

Tiffany explained that Rhonda needed to lift the top of the Let’s Make a Deal box they were standing behind when Wayne asked her to. Rhonda said she could do the job, as Tiffany gave her a high five and exited the stage area.

The clip below reveals part of Rhonda’s experience during Let’s Make a Deal.

Let’s Make a Deal contestant received ‘leftovers’ as prizes during her visit

Rhonda didn’t just work while on Let’s Make a Deal; she was also a contestant and had the opportunity to win prizes.

A second contestant, Alejandra, also wearing a pink costume, got to go on stage. After she told everyone a few things about herself, Wayne offered her the choice of what was in the box Rhonda had or $1,000.

Alejandra said it was “tough” but went with the money. From there, Wayne had Rhonda lift the top of the box to reveal a trip to Toronto worth $9,366.

Shortly after, Rhonda helped present what was behind the curtain as the man learned he’d won a fancy home entertainment system.

After the man returned to his seat to celebrate his big win, Wayne asked Rhonda to come back and join him on stage.

“Why make a deal with somebody else when I’ve got you right here?” the host told her.

hist wayne brady with contestant on lets make a deal may 28 2024
Wayne Brady offers a contestant “leftovers” on Let’s Make a Deal. Pic credit: CBS

He told Rhonda he wanted to offer her the “leftovers” the previous contestants didn’t take. That meant a trip to Toronto and $1,500, which he’d offered the previous contestant not to choose the curtain.

Wayne offered Rhonda those two prizes or a giant gift bag Tiffany returned to present on stage. Rhonda said that growing up, she wasn’t a fan of leftovers.

“But on Let’s Make a Deal, I love leftovers!” she said, opting to keep the trip and cash.

It was a wise decision on her part, as Tiffany revealed a Zonk in the gift bag, which is a meaningless prize on the show.

“Mama would be happy. You’re taking a trip. You’re gonna take her with you just like you take her with you every day,” Wayne Brady told Rhonda as she celebrated an emotional win.

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Theo Lawrence
Theo Lawrence
13 days ago

That was an amazing story I didn’t see the show but just by reading this.i can say that Wayne Brady is a wonderful person

Vivian Johnson
Vivian Johnson
13 days ago

God Bless You. I really Thank God for touching his heart in doing this. Wayne has always shown so much kindness as I watched the Let’s Make A Deal Show. And also any movie that he’s in. He has always shown us that he is so caring towards others.

12 days ago

Wayne Brady is an awesome man, bless him

Donna Ashlock
Donna Ashlock
12 days ago

Wayne Brady is a wonderful and generous man. God Bless Him🙏

Mae Hall
Mae Hall
12 days ago

👏🏾👍🏾Wow!! That’s something I can relate to. Been there and yes my mom is always with me too. But you guys are the greatest. Not only me that like what you guys are doing, God have a hugh smile on his face also. I watch your show every day. May God continue to bless you all. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💕💕💕💕