Let’s Make a Deal contestant shuts down Wayne Brady’s offer in tense game

wayne brady face shot from lets make a deal 2024 on cbs
Host Wayne Brady does his best to talk contestants out of bigger prizes. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes, Let’s Make a Deal contestants face a lot of pressure to make the right decisions, or they could lose out on a bigger prize.

Host Wayne Brady often tries to talk contestants out of continuing the games, like one contestant he said had “a problem” to deal with.

Typically, prizes include cars, trips to locations around the globe, and the chance to win lots of money. There are also those dreaded gag prizes that nobody really wants to win.

Often, a Zonk could be in play, resulting in a contestant losing a game.

In a recent episode, viewers saw contestants trying to take home some significant money, with several Zonks lingering.

As he usually does, Wayne tried to entice contestants towards other offers, but one contestant shut the host down several times as she boldly attempted to win the big money.

Let’s Make a Deal contestant shuts Wayne down

A recent Let’s Make a Deal segment featured two contestants vying for a $10,000 prize. Model Tiffany Coyne presented the game as Wayne described how to win or lose.

He said they had eight numbers to choose from, and six had letters behind them to spell “WINNER.” However, two of the numbers had Zonks behind them. If a contestant picked one of those, they would lose the game.

It began with two contestants: Anne, dressed as a Let’s Bake a Deal chef, and Courtney, dressed in a green fairy costume like Tinkerbell.

Courtney won the right to choose the first number and selected “lucky number five” to get the letter “I” from the start. Anne went second, and sadly, her choice of three resulted in a Zonk.

Courtney continued, although Wayne reminded her that choosing a Zonk and losing the game could “happen really fast.”

Despite him offering $500 to walk away, Courtney said she felt she was “going to win.”

She chose seven as her next pick, which revealed the letter “W” and also resulted in another offer.

“$1,000 to walk away. $1,000,” Wayne told her.

“No. No, no. I wanna go. Let’s go,” she said as she gestured to Wayne to stop offering.

Courtney chose her next number, giving her “E” as a third letter. Despite Wayne increasing offers by $500 each time, she wasn’t listening.

Even with a Zonk on the board, Courtney wanted that big win.

It came down to two numbers, with a Zonk or the winning letter on the board.

Wayne offered $3,000 to stop, but she told him no way. The offer increased to $4,000, but Courtney wanted the big win.

“I hope that you get this,” Wayne said, adding, “You’ve turned down $4,000.”

That didn’t matter, though, as Courtney picked the winning number and final letter to make “WINNER,” winning $10,000.

She screamed and jumped around with excitement after realizing she’d won. While Wayne tried his best to talk her out of the bigger win, she just could not be stopped.

Let’s Make a Deal celebrated Brady’s special day

Soon after The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey celebrated his birthday, Wayne celebrated his.

On Sunday, June 2, the Let’s Make a Deal Instagram page recognized their game show host on his special day. An IG post featured a photo of Wayne having fun on the Let’s Make a Deal set, with a football nearby as if it was just thrown or kicked at him.

“It’s a VERY special day!🎉 Everyone join us in wishing the one and only @mrbradybaby an incredibly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🥳 Here’s to many more! #LMAD,” they wrote in their caption.

The Let’s Make a Deal host officially turned 52 on Sunday and is likely ready for more success in his entertainment career. He’s recently appeared on stage for a Broadway revival of The Wiz, playing the title character for several weeks.

He’s won five Emmys for his various TV work, including two for hosting Let’s Make a Deal. In addition, he’s won Emmys for Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Wayne Brady Show. Much like his contestant, it seems there’s no stopping Brady from achieving more.

Viewers can see more of him this summer as Let’s Make a Deal Primetime hits CBS in August. In addition, Wayne, his daughter, and ex-wife will appear in a family-based reality TV series, Wayne Brady: The Family Remix, coming to Freeform in July.

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