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Is Kevin Atwater leaving Chicago P.D.? LaRoyce Hawkins still a fan-favorite

Atwater Season 7
LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater on Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBC

Kevin Atwater’s time on Chicago P.D. was in question during an exciting Season 7 finale.

The new episode on Wednesday night saw Atwater (played by LaRoyce Hawkins) going undercover again, but this time it was with that cop who pointed a gun at Atwater’s head in Season 6.

Atwater and Doyle (played by Mickey O’Sullivan) went undercover, and it was immediately clear that Doyle hadn’t changed at all. It even led to his death in the episode.

Doyle profiled a man who had just been trying to take sneakers to his cousin, leading to Doyle pulling his gun and shooting first during a tense situation. Doyle was shot in the crossfire and died.

When reporting on the incident, Atwater was placed in a very difficult position. He could tell the truth about the racial profiling that got Doyle killed, or he could bury the story due to Doyle’s connections within the police department.

As Doyle was a third-generation cop, it meant he had a lot of family and friends patrolling the streets of Chicago. When Atwater decided that he needed to tell the truth — no matter what — he found himself in a very scary situation.

Is Kevin Atwater leaving Chicago P.D.?

Atwater survived the Chicago P.D. season finale, but there are a lot of questions about what comes next on the show.

There are also some questions about how the story might have gone if there were a few more episodes to watch in Season 7.

At this time, we don’t think actor LaRoyce Hawkins has any plans to leave the Chicago P.D. cast, and now the writers and producers have a lot of material with which to use him during Season 8.

What will happen in Chicago P.D. Season 8?

Due to the health crisis going on around the world, a few episodes from this season of Chicago P.D. didn’t get finished in time. It led to an earlier season finale and the Atwater vs. Doyle situation closing out Season 7.

When the show returns, the producers will likely pick up right where the episode called “Silence of the Night” came to a close. It means Atwater, the Intelligence team, and likely the people of Chicago are going to be in a lot of danger.

Doyle’s family is not going to let the situation stand, and it raises the possibility of some really good episodes to start out Chicago P.D. Season 8. It also means that some recognizable guest stars could enter the fold as members of Doyle’s family.

Knowing what’s to come will make the long summer hiatus seem ever more brutal, but at least NBC has already ordered three more seasons of the show.

Let’s hope that Atwater isn’t killed during Chicago P.D. Season 8, as having LaRoyce Hawkins on the show has always been a treat.

Chicago P.D. should return to NBC with new episodes in fall 2020.

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  1. I love the show but every good person you all killing them off. Please don’t kill Atwater off. He’s a good actor and I love watching him on the show

  2. I love Atwater and hope you do not kill him off!! I am tired of the writers killing off the good characters. People love characters that are long lasting and have history.

  3. Please don’t kill Atwater’s character. Hope he won’t get murdered next season. I love all the cast but I really like him the most. I’m looking forward to seeing him in all the seasons of Chicago PD. He’s a very good actor. All my co workers like him a lot as well.

  4. Bad enough when you killed off Alvin Olinsky who was really my favorite and got rid of others on the show. Don’t have Atwater killed or removed too now.

  5. I love LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater in CPD. I will be so disappointed if he doesn’t return. There are some actors that just “make the show” and he is one of them. Please keep him on!

  6. Please do not kill off Kevin Atwater i luv his character and i agree he definitely needs a luv interest he someone you would luv to see with know clothes on

  7. I will stop watching the show, if Atwater is kill in season 8, there’s no more CPD show, It’s good Erin off the show, you barely can hear her when she talking, Atwater is a good actor and also handsome.

  8. I forgot about Alvin another good actor I love on the show, They kill him off the show , I cry when they killed Alvin in prison, Hank side kick his buddy.


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