Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. all renewed for three more seasons

Gallo And Kidd
Alberto Rosende as Gallo and Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd on Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBC

NBC renewed Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. this week, giving fans at least three more seasons of the hit dramas.

All three programs took to social media to announce the great news, which may have caught some fans off guard.

It’s not very often that shows get multiple season orders like this, and to receive three additional years at the same time shows a lot of confidence from the network.

One Chicago gets three more years

Chicago Med is currently in Season 5, so this extension will take the show through Season 8.

Chicago Fire is in the middle of an exciting Season 8, and the extension will take the program through Season 11.

Chicago P.D. has been presenting a dramatic Season 7, meaning its extension will provide new episodes through Season 10.

Wednesday nights a huge success for NBC

The trio of Chicago shows that NBC roles out each Wednesday night continue to do well in the ratings. Not only are live viewer numbers really high for the Chicago dramas, but so are the Live+7 Day marks.

While it’s surprising that each of the shows got three more years tacked on the back end, it’s not surprising at all that NBC wants to keep the casts under contract for a long time to come.

Having such a long run could lead to more cast members from the past returning, as well, just like what happened with the Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. crossover this week.

It was similar to how much enjoyment that Chicago Fire fans had when Gabby showed up at Firehouse 51 for an episode.

All new episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D.

Each of the NBC shows has only aired 15 times this season as of the release of this news. It means that there are a lot of new episodes left to air in winter and spring 2020.

The shows have also seen new cast members joining the fold, with new doctors on Chicago Med, a hot new firefighter on Chicago Fire, and a quirky new detective on Chicago P.D.

The shows also continue to have a lot of interesting guest stars popping up. David Selby and Matt Forte recently guest-starred on the same episode of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. had a new recurring character in actor Michael Beach, who played Darius Walker.

Stay tuned folks, because there are a lot of exciting things to come this spring as well!

Chicago Med airs at 8/7c, Chicago Fire airs at 9/8c, and Chicago P.D. airs at 10/9c on Wednesday evenings.

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