Chicago P.D. spoilers: Show had alternate ending for Sean Roman crossover

Sean Roman Returns
Brian Geraghty appeared again as Sean Roman on Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago P.D. spoilers — straight from showrunner Rick Eid — present some interesting information about Season 7, Episode 15 of the show.

During the Wednesday night episode, actor Brian Geraghty — who played officer Sean Roman on the show through Season 3 — showed up again as his character searched for his missing sister.

A crossover event began with the latest episode of Chicago Fire, where Roman arrived at Station 51, looking for some help. He found it from Kelly Severide, who aided in the search for Roman’s sister.

Through the two hours of television, it was revealed that Roman’s sister had been murdered by her new boyfriend, who was much older and also a drug dealer.

Within the context of Chicago P.D., the show alluded to Roman being the person who killed the drug dealer, with Voight and his team at the funeral of Roman’s sister to arrest him afterward.

But at the end of the episode, Voight and Burgess made the call to let Roman live with what he had done, concluding that the world was a better place with a drug dealer off the streets.

There appears to have been an alternate ending to that story, with a different future written up for Roman at the end of the crossover event.

Chicago P.D. spoilers: The Roman alternate ending

A report from TV Guide presented some thought-provoking details about how the final scenes from Season 7, Episode 15 were put together. They had left it open for a different avenue to be taken.

Rick Eid relayed that information, which could give viewers a new appreciation for the direction that they went in the end.

Below is what Eid had to say about it:

“We considered having Voight arrest him at the end, and then we thought about him not arresting him at the end, and then we thought about what would he really do? Then, based on the eulogy and where Roman speaks about there’s no such thing as absolution and you carry around with you what you’ve done forever… I think, in Voight’s mind, that was enough of a penalty or a punishment for what he did, and that was the thing that sort of pushed him to not arresting him.”

Sean Roman’s future on Chicago P.D.

It’s good that they left the story of Sean Roman so open-ended. This means that Brian Geraghty could appear as the character again in the future.

That would be another treat for viewers, especially since the writers spent some time allowing Roman and Burgess to come back together as friends after years apart.

After taking the previous week off in regard to airing a new episode, it was fun to see Geraghty interacting with the casts of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. again.

Many fans missed him, and it would provide for more intriguing storytelling down the line if he returned again.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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