Is Julie Chen hosting Big Brother 21? 2019 start date quickly approaching

Julie Chen on Big Brother on CBS.
Big Brother 21 is back this summer! Pic credit: CBS

Julie Chen has served as the Big Brother host for more than 20 years. In addition to the 20 summer versions of the show, she has also hosted an online version and two celebrity versions for the U.S. audience.

Having the same host for the full duration of the reality competition show has helped bring continuity each year. That’s always a good thing for a show to have, especially one where a new cast is introduced each season.

There had been some Big Brother 21 rumors about possibly switching things up with the host. One name that came up was Jeff Schroeder, but it has been announced that he will be doing cast interviews.

Is Julie Chen hosting Big Brother 21?

Julie Chen is still under contract and will return to host the BB21 cast this summer. That’s good news for everyone involved and should put an end to any rumors suggesting a hosting change.

On Tuesday, she posted on Twitter, showing a hint about where she has been hanging out recently. From the image above, it looks like she is inside the Big Brother house, possibly doing a house tour.

If this is indeed the yearly Julie Chen house tour, the show will reveal it a bit closer to when the BB21 cast gets revealed. As Jeff Schroeder has stated for fans, the cast reveal is set for Monday, June 17.

When does Big Brother start in summer 2019?

CBS has revealed a new schedule for the Big Brother 21 season. It has been shaken up a bit, with the start date set for a Tuesday evening. That could be an interesting switch for the first two weeks.

Julie Chen is hosting Big Brother 21 and soon enough she will be opening the front door for the new cast to walk in. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for the production crew, as the new houseguests are about to begin playing the game.

Big Brother 21 begins on Tuesday, June 25 for CBS.

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