Is FBI Tuesdays new this week? When are new episodes returning?

OA (Zeeko Zaki) handles a major challenge on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

It’s going to be another brief break for fans of FBI Tuesdays.

After a couple of weeks of new episodes, the three shows are once again taking a one-week hiatus before returning on April 12.

While the brief break may be annoying to fans, one major turn will come when the shows return. 

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Why is FBI Tuesdays taking another break?

The schedule for FBI Tuesdays has been rather erratic since 2022 began. 

After coming back on January 4, FBI, FBI: International, and FBI: Most Wanted ran two weeks of new episodes, then took a break until February 1.

The shows then took another break for the Winter Olympics and returned on February 22. However, they had to take March 1 off because of the State of the Union Address. They returned on March 8 only to take another hiatus before running new episodes these last two weeks.

One factor to consider may be that, like other series’, the FBI shows have had to handle filming during the pandemic, especially when the omicron variant was affecting productions in December of 2021. 

Also, FBI has had to film around Missy Peregrym’s pregnancy. Maggie hasn’t been absent yet, but that might change, so Peregrym may be filming as much as she can before she has to take a leave of absence.

Meanwhile, FBI: Most Wanted likewise has had to deal with both Roxy Sternberg’s pregnancy and the departure of Julian McMahon

The last episodes still remained strong in the ratings. FBI has 7.26 million viewers with a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo. FBI: International had 6.05 million viewers with a 0.5 demo rating. 

Interestingly, FBI: Most Wanted saw an uptick to 5.7 million viewers and a 0.6 demo rating. This proved that viewers are still tuning in despite the departure of McMahon’s character Jess. 

CBS did announce that the season finales of the FBI shows will all air on Tuesday, May 24. It’s thus possible the network is simply spreading out episodes until May sweeps.

So far, details are tight on the returning episodes, but one big event will be coming.

What’s coming when FBI Tuesdays return?

Interestingly, CBS hasn’t released any synopsis for the new episodes. All that has been released is titles as FBI will have One Night Stand; FBI: International will be titled Left of Boom; and FBI: Most Wanted will have Covenant. 

FBI’s last episode had OA protecting a Congressman under attack by a man with a grudge against the immigration system. OA sadly failed to stop the Congressman from being killed while helping the man’s son cope with it. 

FBI: International had Raines going off-grid to save his kidnapped sister in Kosovo. Meanwhile, Forrester and Kellett were able to beat an attempt to expose their secret affair.

FBI: Most Wanted was the big turn as the hunt for a couple behind a weed-growing business led Barnes to decide to take a leave of absence to focus on her family. This is obviously to give Roxy Sternberg time off for her real-life pregnancy.

The April 12 episode will have the debut of the new team leader, Remy Scott, played by Dylan McDermott. The actor posted an Instagram image of himself on set preparing for the role. 

While another delay for FBI Tuesdays fans may be unpopular with viewers, it does give them time to prepare for the debut of a new lead character amid the usual drama.

FBI Tuesdays returns with FBI Season 4 Tuesday April 12 at 8/7c on CBS.

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