Is FBI Tuesdays new this week? When do new episodes return?

The cast of FBI
Jubal (Jeremy Sisto), Maggie (Missy Peregrym) and Scola (John Boyd) face a deadly situation on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

It’s another break for FBI Tuesdays.

Even as other CBS shows air fresh episodes, the popular series is taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks with reruns until February 1. 

That may be annoying, but it does leave hopes that FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International will have plenty of nice drama when they make their return.

Why is FBI Tuesdays taking a break?

It may be annoying for viewers that the three FBI series are already going into reruns just two weeks after beginning new episodes.

It’s harder, given each show had some intriguing developments. On FBI, Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) was shocked to learn Rina’s parents had turned off her life support and ended her life before he could even say goodbye.

While Jubal focused on the case of a missing college student and a vengeful father, he was overcome by grief over Rina. 

FBI: International had Kellett’s actions in a past cast coming to haunt her while being betrayed by a past contact. When Forrester tried to give her an alibi, Kellett was upset about him protecting her and declared they needed to take a break. 

FBI: Most Wanted has Jess adjusting to his daughter heading to a private school while Hana and Ortiz are now roommates. 

There is no official reason why the shows are taking another break. While other series have been affected by shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is no word of the FBI shows having such issues.

It may simply be that CBS wishes to hold back on new episodes for the February sweeps period. Yet that’s also a challenge, given the first two weeks of February will be dominated by the Winter Olympics on NBC. 

As it stands, new episodes are not expected to air until February 1. 

What’s in store for the FBI Tuesdays when they return?

Jeremy Sisto
Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) faces a personal challenge on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

So far, CBS has not given any details on the new episodes other than the titles. FBI will have Under Pressure; FBI: Most Wanted will have El Pincho and FBI: Internationals’ entry is titled Chew Toy. 

While there are few details, Jeremy Sisto talked of the various FBI shows to TV Insider and shared why it’s unlikely fans will see another major crossover due to FBI: International filming in Budapest. 

“They shoot so damn far away.  I don’t think it’s in the cards. I like that we have a relationship, that there’s some kind of connection there. It’s a great show and whatever Dick feels about that — it’s fun being in a TV universe where you kind of trust the person at the top because I don’t have to decide if that’s right. But I like that they’ve opened that door, and I think it’s important that you connect these shows to the main office.

While there may be no crossover planned, Sisto does enjoy how connected the FBI universe is and that’s a key reason fans tune in.

“At the end of the day, the FBI and the story we’re telling is about how connected they are. They’re not just the police, they’ve got the cooperation of so many other organizations. In this world, there’s so many people working against each other, doing the same things, politically and in so many social realms and in crime-fighting realms as well, and that’s not the story we’re telling and that’s not the truth of the FBI. To have us connected to those other shows is great for Jubal and have Jubal be sort of speaking to them is just another way to tell that story.”

While fans may be annoyed at how FBI Tuesdays are already going on a break in the new year, there are hopes that the shows will make up for it with some exciting action and drama when they do make their return.

FBI Tuesdays return with FBI Season 4 on Tuesday February 1 at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

FBI is going too woke ,extreme political views, make believe stories that are not real, anti cops.
FBI most wanted is loosing the main actor, why ? To be replaced by a ” inclusive, token” actor?
We stopped watching the International one, is ridiculous.
And with out Julian McMahon gone , we won’t watch neither.