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FBI recap: a shocking loss rocks Jubal hard

Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) talks to a grieving father on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI team endured a stunning loss this week. 

Still reeling from Rina having been shot, Agent Jubal threw himself into the case of an abducted coed. But a shocking turn would change him forever as the episode lived up to the title of Grief. 

Jubal has a terrible loss

On a college campus, Angela Mullins (Claire McGrath) was talking on the phone only to hear someone behind her before a man hit her with a stun gun to drag her off.

Jubal was concerned Rina’s stuff appeared to be missing from her hospital room. Administrator Susan Blanchard (Mellini Kantayya) dropped the bomb that Rina’s parents had decided to turn off her life support.

Jubal was stunned he never got a chance to say goodbye but was interrupted by a phone call. 

Jubal tried to be all business as he talked about the abduction before Isobel announced Rina’s death to everyone. Jubal insisted he was fine as the team headed to the college. 

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