Are FBI Tuesdays taking another break? When do new episodes return?

FBI most Wanted
Isobel (Alana de la Garza) helps the FBI: Most Wanted team on a case. Pic credit: CBS

It’s a brief break for FBI Tuesdays as they recover from some significant events. 

While fans may be annoyed at another break for the trio of shows, they are going to return quickly and promise some extensive excitement for the spring months. 

Why are FBI Tuesdays taking a break?

Fans may be bothered at yet another break for the three FBI shows given this year’s erratic schedule. 

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FBI Tuesdays have already had to take an extensive break in February due to the 2022 Winter Olympics. They returned on February 22 but then had to take March 1 off for the State of the Union address.

The series did return last week with some major drama and good ratings. FBI saw an increase to 7.54 million viewers with a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo. FBI: International had 5.79 million viewers with a 0.5 ratings while FBI: Most Wanted produced 5.43 million with a 0.5 rating. 

There seems no specific reason for another break, even though many CBS series will be taking a hiatus due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It may simply be due to scheduling reasons of filming during the coronavirus pandemic. 

There’s also how FBI is filming around star Missy Peregrym’s pregnancy while FBI: Most Wanted may need to deal with star Roxy Sternberg also expecting in April. 

But the shows will need this break to deal with the fallout of some huge events in each series.

FBI Tuesdays are handling some major shakeups

All three FBI shows had some powerful developments with long-range consequences in this past week.

On FBI, Wallace decided to file a complaint against a pair of police officers who roughed up a shooting suspect. Supervisor Basher pressured OA to disavow Wallace’s accounts in exchange for a promotion.

OA decided to stick by his friend and back up Wallace’s complaint, which may have cost him that promotion. 

On FBI: International, Forrester’s issues with his mother (Elizabeth Mitchell) drove him to nearly use a child to catch her fugitive parents. In the end, he backed down. 

That got Kellett to restart their relationship, even if they insisted it would be only one night together.

The biggest moment was FBI: Most Wanted as Jess (Julian McMahon) was shot and killed in the line of duty hunting a stalker. That left the team, along with Sarah and Byron, in mourning.

Thus, the returning episodes on March 22 will have the fallout of these events in various ways.

What’s coming when FBI Tuesdays returns?

Isobel (Alana de la Garza) confronts her father (Nestor Serrano) on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

While there are no promos yet, CBS has released synopsis for each episode. FBI will have Scar Tissue as the hunt for a serial killer leads Isobel to a rough reunion with her father. 

The team realizes they have a cross-country serial killer on their hands, after another body is found bound with the same sophisticated knot as their local victim. Also, the case has ties to Isobel’s father, Robert (Nestor Serrano), and his hotel, leading to revelations about their fractured relationship.

Isobel hasn’t talked much about her dad but it seems their relationship is pretty rough. Meanwhile, OA is likely facing some consequences for backing Wallace, which can cause friction.

FBI: International will have The Kill List with Raines welcoming his sister while the team is on a tough mission.

 The Fly Team must figure out how to keep the U.S. attorney general safe amid a possible security breach while she’s in Hungary for an important meeting. Also, Raines’ sister is in Budapest.

Raines has mentioned how close he and his sister are so he’ll want to keep her safe amid a dangerous assignment. Meanwhile, Kellett and Forrester are going to be figuring out the new step in their unusual relationship.

FBI: Most Wanted has Incel, where the team is still fighting through the grief of losing Jess while tracking a dangerous attacker. 

The team must track down a murderous member of the incel community targeting those he believes never give him a chance. Also, Barnes, Hana, Ortiz and Kristin deal with their grief in the wake of Jess’ death.

Clearly, the team is going to have a tough time moving on without their leader with the question of who steps up to lead them before Dylan McDermott joins the show in April. 

While a brief break may be annoying to fans, at least FBI Tuesdays will have plenty of excitement when they return later in March.

FBI Tuesdays returns with FBI Season 4 Tuesday March 22 at 8/7c on CBS.

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