FBI Tuesdays preview: The shows return from the Olympics break with some great new drama

OA (Zeeko Zaki) leads the FBI team in a case. Pic credit: CBS

FBI Tuesdays is roaring back with excitement following a long break.

After taking several weeks off due to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, all three FBI shows are returning with some powerful new cases that include setting up a big cast farewell while welcoming a daring new character. 

Where we left off on FBI Tuesdays

When last fans saw the various FBI shows, all three were in some major events with the promise of further drama to come. 

On the main FBI show, Maggie had gone on a tough undercover case that ended up driving off a potential aid. She also risked her life stopping a bombing.

The show may be changing things for Maggie as Missy Peregrym announced she’s pregnant, and thus, the series may need to excuse her agent taking a break for a while. 

On FBI: International, the team wrapped up a case of an NYPD cop accused of being part of a trafficking ring. Meanwhile, Forrester and Kellett were still dealing with working together following their breakup.

The big turn came in the final scene as Forrester was met by his long-missing, accused traitor mother (Elizabeth Mitchell).

FBI: Most Wanted had the search for an escaped drug lord having Gaines reveal she’d once been tortured by a cartel, which explained much of her behavior.

Now, all three shows are returning this Tuesday, each making up for lost time with some amazing drama. 

What’s coming on FBI Tuesdays this week?

The night kicks off with FBI as Pride and Prejudice has the team investigating a possible terrorist attack. But OA will have his loyalties tested by a fellow agent who goes to some extremes. 

“When a Muslim college student and his younger brother are murdered, the team connects with the outraged imam of OA’s former mosque, who insists the victims were wrongly targeted as terrorists. Also, OA must reconsider where his loyalties lie when working the case with a Muslim anti-terrorist agent bent on solving the investigation through any means necessary.”

The promos show how OA is uncomfortable with this agent and that this case could push how he feels as a Muslim working in the FBI. 

FBI: International has One Point One Million Followers as the team investigates a tycoon using social media for his cause. But the real drama is Forrester’s relationship with his mother. 

“When a notorious American tech tycoon becomes involved in a murder in Frankfurt, the Fly Team must chase him down amid the local protesters he’s incited with his conspiracy theories on social media. Also, Jaeger relishes working in her home country, and Forrester must make a decision involving his mother’s past.”

The promo focuses on Forrester and his mother, who keeps insisting her supposed betrayal of handing secrets to Russia isn’t what it seems. Whether Forrester believes her is a question, as is whether he gets the team involved in his personal problems. 

FBI: Most Wanted will be setting up the imminent exit of Julian McMahon as Jess handles both a tough case and his romance with Sarah amid a difficult manhunt in Overlooked.

“The team searches for a businessman wanted for murder and an embezzlement scheme. Also, Jess takes advantage of his empty nest to properly court Sarah.”

The team looks to be taking on a tough case with the promo indicating that the local sheriff is somehow involved in this. As McMahon’s final episode is set to air on March 8, the setup for his exit will be important.

With so much action and drama, FBI Tuesdays is ready to make up for the long Olympics break for some wild games of their own for fans.

FBI Tuesdays return with FBI Season 4 Tuesday February 22 at 8/7c on CBS.

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