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Huge discovery as hunt for astronaut’s hidden fortune continues on Cooper’s Treasure

Darrell Miklos talks of his excitement after the team's "huge" discovery on this week's Cooper's Treasure
Darrell Miklos talks of his excitement after the big discovery on this week’s Cooper’s Treasure

A huge discovery is made on Discovery’s new series Cooper’s Treasure tonight as Darrell Miklos continues the hunt for an underwater fortune using maps drawn by his friend astronaut Gordon Cooper.

Watch footage from the episode below as the team survey the ocean floor and take part in a dive before Miklos reveals: “I’m pretty excited. I’m pretty sure we got something, but I gotta go prove it.”

During the episode Miklos also meets Cooper’s widows and comes across voice data recordings from Cooper’s flight into orbit on May 15, 1963, on the Mercury-Atlas 9 space mission.

But a former NASA flight director refuses to answer Miklos’s questions.

Cooper is believed to have noticed underwater wrecks during his flights into space which he believed contained huge hordes of treasure, and made maps and notes of their locations which he later gave to Miklos.

Watch the clip below as Miklos says: “May 15, 1963…every single one of these…this is a huge discovery right here. Spanish galleons…that’s it, this is what I’ve been talking about.

“This is the stuff that’s on my files. This is it right here, this is huge!”

The Map Is Real | Cooper's Treasure

The map is real. See what we find Tues 10p on Discovery

Posted by Cooper's Treasure on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cooper’s Treasure airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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