Cooper’s Treasure exclusive: Everything you need to know as show returns for Season 2

Tonight, one of the summer’s most exciting reality docuseries returns to Discovery — and here’s an exclusive preview. Cooper’s Treasure follows Darrell Miklos, treasure hunter by trade and by birth, as he searches for lost bullion using maps drawn by astronaut Gordon Cooper from space. It’s thought the maps show the locations of lost ships

Cooper’s Treasure Season 2: Air date and everything you need to know

Discovery’s hit treasure-hunting series Cooper’s Treasure is set to return for Season 2 in 2018 — and here’s everything you need to know about the premiere date and what the new season entails! The first season of Cooper’s Treasure, which aired last year, saw Miklos and his team locate a shipwreck linked to Christopher Columbus

Cooper’s Treasure recap: Darrell makes breakthrough in hunt for underwater fortune

This week’s Cooper’s Treasure saw Darrell Miklos continue his hunt for an underwater fortune using maps drawn by astronaut Gordon Cooper. He says what we’re all thinking as the episode starts out, admitting: “I may be on one of the craziest treasure hunts in history.” The twist at the beginning of the series last week was that his estranged dad, Roger Miklos,

Family feud as astronaut’s map sparks hunt for riches on Cooper’s Treasure

Discovery tonight premieres its fascinating new series Cooper’s Treasure, which follows the hunt for potentially vast sums of hidden wealth — using drawings and maps made by an astronaut from space. Gordon Cooper was one of the “Original 7” astronauts back in the 1960s. All were celebrities of their day, with Cooper the youngest and most