Cooper’s Treasure Season 2: Air date and everything you need to know

Darrell Miklos in Cooper's Treasure Season 2
Darrell Miklos is returning in Cooper’s Treasure Season 2

Discovery’s hit treasure-hunting series Cooper’s Treasure is set to return for Season 2 in 2018 — and here’s everything you need to know about the premiere date and what the new season entails!

The first season of Cooper’s Treasure, which aired last year, saw Miklos and his team locate a shipwreck linked to Christopher Columbus using maps drawn by late astronaut Gordon Cooper from space.

However, the end of the season saw a rival treasure-hunter make a competing claim just hours after Miklos made his discovery, meaning his hunt on that particular wreck was shut down and won’t likely be reopened for years.

What’s in the new season?

Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 sees Miklos continue his hunt against the clock, with the money he has available for his search running dangerously low. With just eight weeks of funds left, he needs to find a different shipwreck that he can hopefully salvage — hopefully for a huge sum.

The new season sees him locate an intriguing box of photos of the Bahamas along with a list of locations for 11 shipwrecks tracked by Cooper, which the astronaut listed as being likely to have vast caches of silver and gold or other treasures on board.

Using new equipment, Miklos heads out to continue his treasure hunt which, according to Discovery, leads him “to what could be the richest wreck of his career”. However, Miklos knows that if the discovery isn’t big enough and he doesn’t make enough money back, that could be the end of his treasure-hunting days for good.

Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 start date: When does show premiere in 2018?

Discovery are yet to officially release the date of the premiere, however Miklos has said on the show’s Facebook page that Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 will return on June 22 at 9/8c on Discovery.

Who was Gordon ‘Gordo’ Cooper?

Cooper was a NASA astronaut and one of the “Original 7” astronauts back in the 1960s. All were celebrities of their day, with Cooper the youngest and most rock star-esque of the bunch.

He still holds the record for the longest solo space flight in US history, which he claimed when he first took orbit in Mercury-Atlas 9 in May 1963.

But during one of his missions, when he was looking for nuclear sites around the globe, he spotted a series of dark anomalies lurking underneath the sea in the South Caribbean. He believed these to be shipwrecks, including possibly Christoper Columbus’s lost fleet.

He used the information he collected while orbiting the Earth to painstakingly notate his treasure maps from notes, which he shared with his long-time friend Miklos before he passed away. If Cooper’s inclinations were correct, the vessels’ holds could be filled with huge amounts of treasure.

Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 starts on June 22 at 9/8c on Discovery.


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