Exclusive: Cooper’s Treasure strikes real gold, and aliens underwater?

On tonight’s wrap up of Discovery’s hit series Cooper’s Treasure, which we foreshadowed in our exclusive interview with Darrell Miklos that gold would be found…but aliens? He never gave that away. The gold coins are the big reveal in tonight’s gripping send-up of a really exhilarating second season as Miklos and his crew including recovery

Cooper’s Treasure exclusive: Rare prism found at massive wreck site as tragedy hits crew

Discovery series Cooper’s Treasure continues to ramp up tonight with more fascinating underwater finds — as the drama also rises on deck. The episode also includes an unexpected tragedy, which will send treasure-hunter Darrell Miklos and his entire recovery crew reeling after being sent off course. The second season of Cooper’s Treasure has already been

Not all shipwrecks are alike, the details on Cooper’s Treasure exclusive

Cooper’s Treasure Season 2 continues tonight as the docu-series focuses on treasure hunter Darrell Miklos and the hunt to recover any or all of the wrecks believed to be charted on the precious maps astronaut Gordon Cooper bequeathed him. The mission, along with finding eleven ships believed to hold vast amounts of treasure, is to

Cooper’s Treasure exclusive: Everything you need to know as show returns for Season 2

Tonight, one of the summer’s most exciting reality docuseries returns to Discovery — and here’s an exclusive preview. Cooper’s Treasure follows Darrell Miklos, treasure hunter by trade and by birth, as he searches for lost bullion using maps drawn by astronaut Gordon Cooper from space. It’s thought the maps show the locations of lost ships

Cooper’s Treasure Season 2: Air date and everything you need to know

Discovery’s hit treasure-hunting series Cooper’s Treasure is set to return for Season 2 in 2018 — and here’s everything you need to know about the premiere date and what the new season entails! The first season of Cooper’s Treasure, which aired last year, saw Miklos and his team locate a shipwreck linked to Christopher Columbus

Cooper’s Treasure exclusive: Team’s joy as they find lost Columbus era anchor

Tonight, explorer Darrell Miklos’s hard work pays off on the finale of Cooper’s Treasure — when he discovers a historical anchor believed to be from Christopher Columbus’s era. The find is his biggest discovery of the series after he traced it using maps and charts drawn by the late astronaut Gordon Cooper from space. Miklos believes that that same