Here’s the locations where Brews Brothers was filmed

Stephen Rannazzisi, Mike Castle, and Alan Aisenberg from Brews Brothers
Stephen Rannazzisi, Mike Castle, and Alan Aisenberg from Brews Brothers. Pic credit: Netflix

What’s better than a cold brewsky and a raunchy comedy, right? Well, Netflix has taken both ideas and fused them in the form of Brews Brothers.

Produced by Greg Schaffer, the series puts a sibling rivalry in the middle of a brewery bar and lets the performers do the rest.

The show stars Mike Castle and Alan Aisenberg as the confrontational brothers as well as a breakout performance from newcomer Carmen Flood.

The show also has a twisted, raunchy feel much like Big Mouth and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

But since the release of Brews Brothers, the locations of all the beer breweries used for the show has gained interest. And probably more so, since alcohol delivery has loosened up due to social distancing.

What are the Brews Brothers filming locations? Here is everything to know about where the show was filmed.

Where was Brews Brothers filmed?

An interview with Inside Hook explains it was filmed in Los Angeles, at a popular local brewery that has sadly been shut down.

If one wanted to track down the neighborhood of the now-defunct bar, Alan Aisenberg’s Instagram gives fans a solid hint via the popular media app’s location tags. He tags Van Nuys, California, in a teaser photo about the show before its release.

So what is Van Nuys like? This Los Angeles neighborhood has a lot of people, which is to be expected in a city the size of L.A. but what makes it unique?

Why pick this spot for filming?

According to Neighborhoods, since it is not quite as well-known as other Los Angeles neighborhoods, Van Nuys is cheaper to live in, while still having the same entertainment and dining options.

Van Nuys also has one obvious draw for the show, breweries.

Most of the filming took place in a brewery called The Iron Triangle, according to the same interview with Inside Hook. A glance at the pub’s website shows they are closed and no longer updating the site with new information.

More about the Brews Brothers filming locations

It’s no surprise that other local watering holes were featured in the show.

Places like Angel City Brewery and Van Nuys’s MacLeod Ale Brewing Co were also utilized to give the show a genuine feeling of sitting down to have a drink at a favorite bar.

Outside of making good use of bar locales in LA, Inside Hook also explains the cast and crew have collaborated with Untappd to help support local breweries during the coronavirus pandemic.

And as the site explains, they hope people will partake in local beverages while having a laugh with their show.

That in itself is admirable and enough reason to give the show a chance.

Brews Brothers is now streaming on Netflix.

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Jennifer Febre
Jennifer Febre
2 years ago

This is not quite accurate. The show was inspired by MacLeod Ale Brewing Co, located in Van Nuys, as one of the creators lives near by and became a semi regular patron. The filming location, Iron Triangle Brewery, is located in the Arts District near downtown LA. There are scenes filmed in Van Nuys, but none at MacLeod. It is true that Iron Triangle closed just before filming commenced.