Carmen Flood from Brews Brothers is on Instagram

Carmen Flood from Brews Brothers
Carmen Flood from Brews Brothers. Pic credit: Netflix

Over the weekend, Netflix continued expanding its comedic archive that already includes shows like The Ranch and Big Mouth with its latest series Brews Brothers.

The series is a raunch-filled show in the vein of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, taking all the uncomfortable spontaneous style humor of that series and tossing it in a brewery.

On top of this, the central plot focuses on a longheld rivalry between two brothers — Wilhelm and Adam Rodman — over who makes the best beer.

The series also stars Carmen Flood as Sarah, and since Brews Brothers premiered, fans have been curious to know more about the actress and if she is on social media. Well, as a matter of fact, Flood is active on Instagram.

Who is Carmen Flood from Brews Brothers?

As of right now, Flood is still fresh on the Hollywood scene with very few credits to her name. That said, the actress who plays Sarah is no slouch in her educational background.

Having made only a few short films, Flood studied acting at Carnegie Mellon University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Carnegie’s website also indicates that she has a background in theater in such plays like August Osage County and Comedy of Errors.

Her graduate profile also explains she has a wide range of interests, such as being a soccer player as well as being a Professional Belly Dancer for 10 years.

And despite her character being into MMA in Brews Brothers, there’s nothing said about Flood enjoying the sport.

Flood’s profile also explains she is a playwright, into poetry, and also enjoys chopping some wood. So, if acting does not work out, Flood can make a career as a lumberjack.

Carmen Flood on Instagram

Those curious to discover more about Carmen Flood from Brews Brothers can find her easily on Instagram.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of her recent posts involve her life during the quarantine.

It’s also clear she is family-oriented because she shares a lot about her parents, including one post describing her mother as “bad and bougie.”

Flood also teased a project on her page involving a gender switch take on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, which she describes as “still just as creepy.”

Whether it’s a short film or a feature is not specified.

While she seems relatively new to the Instagram platform, with her first post made about four months ago, Flood appears to be getting more active as the show premieres on Netflix.

As of now, no future projects for Carmen Flood are listed, but she is currently on Netflix’s Brews Brothers.

Brews Brothers is now streaming on Netflix.

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