Here’s the advice that LIVE’s Kelly Ripa shared with Goldie Hawn on her podcast

Kelly Ripa and Goldie Hawn at different events
Kelly Ripa had Goldie Hawn on her podcast and offered some much needed parenting advice to her. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa from Live with Kelly and Mark has been giving out parenting advice all over the place lately.

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have reached empty-nester status with their three children out of the house.

They have been so successful at parenting skills that Kelly offers advice to her friends and fellow celebrities.

Sunny Hostin from The View stopped by LIVE to share her new beach read. She left with some sage advice from Kelly about coping with an empty house.

Kelly recently had another famous mom, Goldie Hawn, on her podcast, Let’s Talk off Camera with Kelly Ripa, in an episode titled Goldie Hawn Pt 1: Wants to Solve the Problem, Not Talk About It.

Even though Goldie’s children, Kate and Oliver Hudson, are much older than Kelly’s three, Kelly still shared some advice with her.

Kelly asked Goldie if her kids think she has a favorite child

“Do your children think you have a favorite, and if so, which one,” was a question that Kelly asked Goldie Hawn.

Goldie shared on the podcast that this is a problem because her daughter Katie (Kate Hudson) thinks that Oliver is Goldie’s favorite. Goldie admitted that your oldest child always shares a special relationship with their mother being first. But when you have other children, Goldie said, you learn that “we can love many children.”

Kelly Ripa answered this question on her podcast
A question that Kelly Ripa answered on her podcast. Pic credit: @letstalkoffcamera/Instagram

Kelly offered some advice to Goldie for the next time one of the kids brought up that question. Kelly said this is a “good one to use at your next dinner party, and they ask you to be honest…say, ‘I don’t have favorites right now; I only have least favorites.'”

Kelly clarified that this will undoubtedly cause a change of subject because no one wants to be the least favorite; they only want to be the favorite.

Kelly and Mark share how they learned they won their Emmy

Kelly and Mark visited their daughter Lola Consuelos in London and missed the Daytime Emmy Award show.

The couple shared the Outstanding Daytime Series Host win, Kelly’s sixth win in this category and Mark’s first.

The couple also spoke about a parenting breakthrough they had with Lola. During this trip, she invited her friends to dinner with her parents, which seemed much more significant to Kelly and Mark than winning the Emmy.

They are great parents, and if they offer advice to other parents, they should take it.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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