Sunny Hostin from The View gets empty-nester advice from Kelly Ripa

Sunny Hostin and Kelly Ripa at different events
Sunny Hostin got some great empty-nester advice from Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ©

Sunny Hostin has been working overtime lately while promoting her newest book, Summer on Highland Beach.

She has been on several other talk shows these past few weeks, including her usual gig at The View, and there are no signs she is slowing down anytime soon.

Sunny has been married to Manny for 25 years and has two children, Gabriel and Paloma. Her kids are now at college, which has made her home much quieter lately.

While Sunny stopped by the Live with Kelly and Mark set, Kelly Ripa took the time to dish out some much-needed advice for Sunny.

Kelly and Mark Consuelos have recently become empty-nesters, as all three of their children are out of the house either working, singing, or attending college.

While Sunny came to the show to promote her newest book, she seems to have gotten some great advice from Kelly about getting through this time in her life.

Kelly gave Sunny some much-needed empty-nester advice

Sunny shared with Kelly and Mark about her youngest heading off to college and leaving a big, quiet home filled with just animals. Sunny’s situation is so dire that she reveals she wants to move because the house is too quiet.

Kelly has become a pro with her kids leaving home and consoled Sunny by saying the “sadness lasts about a week.”

She then spoke about a time recently when she and Mark sat outside watching the moms with the little kids at the beach. And then she said, “We noticed the sunset.” Kelly shared that they missed 25 years of sunsets raising their children.

Then Kelly said the most excellent thing to Sunny: “Call me—I promise you it takes like two weeks” to feel better. They then discussed going from cooking for a houseful to cooking for two people.

Sunny made the right decision to share this with Kelly and Mark; they have gone through this and have found the other side, which includes vacations sans kids.

‘I believe in ghosts,’ Sunny reveals to Kelly and Mark

Sunny Hostin has been promoting her newest book since around Christmas, and now that it is in print and ready for sale, things are heating up.

After Sunny got some great advice from Kelly and Mark about being an empty-nester and that time of life that all parents hopefully get to enjoy, the talk turned to Sunny’s latest book.

Sunny shared the juiciest thing with Kelly and Mark: that she believes in ghosts. “I believe in ghosts; I don’t know who else does,” she declared plainly to Kelly.

She admits she loves historical fiction and loves to write about historically black beach communities. Having stayed in some of these communities, she has also felt ghosts she says.

Maybe Sunny will share about her ghostly adventures soon on The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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