Here’s why Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar had the ladies blushing on The View

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar at different events.
Joy Behar gave a reading of Sunny Hostin’s newest book that had the ladies all blushing. Pic credit: © Admedia/HenryMcgee

Things got a bit steamy on The View recently when Sunny Hostin shared excerpts of her newest book, Summer on Highland Beach, with the ladies.

The ladies had all been laughing and joking just before Sunny asked Joy Behar to read some of the “sexy parts” of her newest book.

This book, coming out May 28, is the third of Sunny’s Sag Harbor series, and Sunny has been busy promoting it since Christmas.

In this hot political season, it is good for the ladies to take a break and talk about other issues, even if they are a bit hot and steamy.

Whoopi Goldberg started the segment asking about sexy books and shared an article from the New York Post that said reading erotica is more effective than watching it.

She asked Joy what she thought; it was the perfect segue for Sunny to ask her to read from her newest book.

Joy’s reading of Sunny’s book has the ladies blushing

Sunny asked Joy, “Why don’t you read some of the sexy parts.”

Joy was in her best form and read in a funny accent, “Desire hit her hard and fast,” she read.

Laughing and blushing, the ladies wanted more, and Sara Haines asked her to “read the naughtier one.”

And she did exactly that. The racy exchange can be seen in the clip below.

Fans loved the break from the heavy politics that have dominated The View as of late.

One fan said, “Joy was hilarious.” Another referenced the beleaguered executive producer, Brian Teta. He is tasked with keeping these ladies in line, and it is so hard sometimes as he spars with Joy often.

The fan said, “Brian was stressed out when they read the part.”

Fans of The View commented on YouTube
A fan of The View weighs in. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube
A fan of The View commented that Brian Teta was going to be stressed over Joy Behar's reading.
Another fan of The View cracks a joke. Pic credit: @TheView/YouTube

Sunny jokes to Rainn Wilson that she is a ‘repressed Catholic’

Rainn Wilson stopped by The View and came out reading Sunny’s newest book, and the looks he was giving the salacious material inside caused Sunny to explain.

She joked to him, “I am a repressed Catholic.”

Rainn was on The View to discuss his new podcast, SoulBoom, and the new Office sequel airing on Peacock.

The podcast, which has the same name as his book, showcases his feelings that we need a “spiritual revolution.”

His new podcast promises to be an insightful journey with several celebrities. His first guest is Rick Glassman, an American comedian who stars in Undateable.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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