Joy Behar hits back at Brian Teta over age insult

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar on The View Pic credit: ABC

Joy Behar is an original member of The View. She has been on the show since it began in 1997. She took a two-year hiatus from 2013 to 2015 because she was fired.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Joy said in an interview with Time, “I was glad to be fired. I basically was sick of the show at that point for some reason; I don’t even remember why.”

Retirement rumors have swirled since then, but Joy seems set on staying while doing side projects like writing plays.

Her recent soldout endeavor in New York was a set of five new plays titled Bonkers in The Boroughs: Five Short Plays. Despite writing them, producing, and playing a character, just two of her co-workers came to see her show.

Whoopi Goldberg was most noticeably absent that weekend. Ana Navarro and Sara Haines came on the opening night.

Joy celebrated her 81st birthday a month ago and has the courage to continue to do new things and do them well. That makes it surprising that she gets grief over her age.

Brian Teta jabs at Joy’s age on his podcast

Brian Teta, the executive producer of The View, hosts a podcast named The View: Behind the Table. In this particular episode, Joy sat down to speak to him.

Joy was speaking of the hatred going on in the country now and likened it to the Vietnam War. Joy recalled the conscription practices that compelled men to go to war, saying, “Those were treacherous and terrible times.”

Brian chose this severe topic to poke Joy over her age. He asked her, “How does the hatred now compare to, say… the Boston Tea Party?” He implied she was alive in the 1700s.

Still spry for her age, she let him have it right back, “Well, you should know. You were there too.”

“Sorry. I love those jokes, like when you dated Lincoln,” was Brian’s comeback.

Joy Behar is set to pen a new book

When Whoopi asked Joy how it felt to write a play, Joy replied that she felt like a playwright.

“It’s great. It’s my fifth act. And to start something like this at my age, I think, should be encouraging to people,” Joy continued. Then she said she became a comedian at 40, and at 80, she started to write plays.

A few days ago, the news hit that Joy is slated to write a new tell-all book.

The publisher, Regalo Press, has released this statement to People, “Behar’s acute powers of observation and her ability to vividly recreate the little details and fleeting moments that make up a lifetime.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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7 months ago

Love you joy,your one pof the reasons I watch the View