Joy Behar is all snark about being ‘forced off’ The View

Joy Behar
Joy Behar has a great temperament with a touch of snark. Pic credit: ©

The ladies on The View are known for their Hot Topic panels and opinions, and even their opinions about their own network won’t be silenced.

This was seen earlier this week when Whoopi Goldberg had some choice words to say about ABC’s own Americal Idol.

On Thursday’s episode, the women were discussing the tragic loss of ’80s icon Tina Turner when co-host Joy Behar had her own snark to share for the network.

“There’s something about her. I’ve been on this show for 26 years, right, with a small hiatus as we all know — forced,” Joy stated.

She knew what she was doing, too, as the host left a pause to allow for some laughter from the audience.

However, it wasn’t all snark, as she noted that Tina Turner’s death “has gotten me in my kishkas.”

Joy Behar previously opened up about her firing from The View

Joy hasn’t always been all snark when it came to leaving The View in 2013.

Last year, she revealed to Time, “I was glad to be fired. I basically was sick of the show at that point for some reason, I don’t even remember why.”

Apparently, when Joy was let go from the show, she took the news pretty well, even offering to leave the set that very same day.

Joy joined The View in 1997 as an original panelist, showing up most often on the day that Barbara Walters was off, but did become a permanent addition to the show.

Fortunately, Joy seems to keep her feelings in check and has a great attitude despite any issues.

Sunny Hostin commends Joy Behar’s positive attitude

Joy has survived not only being temporarily let go from The View but also having two of her own talk shows canceled — and she’s still here with her positive attitude.

Co-host Sunny Hostin believes that it’s due to Joy’s temperament that she’s been able to go through so much and still have her career.

“She doesn’t hold a grudge,” Hostin, 53, explained to Time. “I think because she doesn’t remember what happened the day before. That’s how she’s been able to deal with this show. She just leaves it at the table and then moves on for another day.”

Plus, it probably helped that her firing wasn’t all that permanent, considering Joy was a guest co-host for 2014 and 2015 before finally returning to the show for good, for now.

The View airs on weekdays at 11:00 a.m. EST on ABC.

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John L. Adelman
John L. Adelman
1 year ago

Better the show is off the air. It was polution of broadcast and cable bandwith.

1 year ago


Karen Beac-
Karen Beac-
1 year ago

How about when she and Whoopi got up and walked off the stage with Bill O’Reilly? Barbara Walters chewed their tails. Whole can’t spew her vie\# as much because she’s already been suspended twice for her mouth, and she and Joyless don’t get their full pay anymore because of their mouths. There is a way to express your opinion without screeching like an animal and trying to embarrass and belittle someone. It requires couth, manners and and human kindness. Whoopie just can’t shut her mouth about the Holocaust not being about race. Not once, but twice, she got suspended. I guess the Civil Rights movement wasn’t, either? (snark) Did you go to high school, Whoop? Do you believe in God? I would ask the same of Joyless. I’m a teacher of special needs students in an alternative school in a very poor area, and there isn’t much I haven’t seen. My students were more respectful, kind and honest with me than any of the panel or all together. If anyone, black or brown or white tried to hurt me or were disrespectful to me, they have to go through my students. They have all the things you can’t touch, and I would be proud to take them anywhere…. except[ The View.