Grey’s Anatomy: Sarah Drew speaks about return as April Kepner

April On Grey's
The Grey’s Anatomy cast welcomes back April Kepner. Pic credit: ABC

Sarah Drew is returning to the Grey’s Anatomy cast as April Kepner and it is going to be a huge moment for Season 17 of the show.

Ahead of her return to Grey’s Anatomy, Drew did an interview with Access Hollywood where she addressed what fans are going to see.

“It was so wonderful,” Drew said about her return to the show and working with Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery). “I love that guy. We have such a great friendship and such a fantastic working relationship together. One of the first things I said to him, after like our first scene, was, I just looked at him and said, ‘it’s just so easy to act with you.'”

“Because we had this long history of creating this relationship and playing all of these scenes and all of these twists and turns, and being partners to one another, that falling back into it, even three years later, just felt like we were picking up right where we left off. It was wonderful,” Drew continued.

She was later asked if she was personally rooting for Jackson and April to get back together.

“I feel like I’ve always said that I’ve been a Japril fan,” Drew stated while smiling big. “That was always my hope for them.”

Sarah Drew interview on Grey’s Anatomy, Cruel Summer

It is just after the three-minute mark of the video below where Sarah Drew shifts from talking about her new show Cruel Summer to gushing about her return to Grey’s Anatomy. For fans of the show or of Drew herself, this is a fun interview that is well worth watching.

Drew holds up short of revealing any Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about what happens between Jackson and April during her return while also noting that she knows how many fans there are of that relationship.

More Grey’s Anatomy news

The Grey’s Anatomy schedule has four episodes left in Season 17, showing how close it is to wrapping up the current season. It means the season finale is coming up quickly and that we may finally get to see Meredith Grey walking around (other than on her beach).

It’s really neat that the writers and producers have brought back Sarah Drew for another appearance on the show, but fans are also hoping that we could see a surprise from Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) before the season comes to an end.

As of the publishing of this article, Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 has not yet been ordered by ABC. Hopefully, the people who need to sign contracts do so and then fans can look forward to more Grey’s Anatomy episodes in the fall.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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