Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Episode 14 promo: Welcome back, Sarah Drew

Jackson And April Grey's
Jackson and April will have a reunion on the Grey’s Anatomy cast during Season 17. Pic credit: ABC

The new Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 promo caught a lot of fans by surprise. In it, we get to see the return of actress Sarah Drew.

Drew played Dr. April Kepner on the show for years – many of which had her in a relationship with Dr. Jackson Avery.

Now, Avery is going to show up on her doorstep, which is likely to bring back a lot of memories for both of them.

It’s good that the writers and producers worked to bring back Sarah Drew this season as she might have played the most important character that Jesse Williams has acted with on the show.

Even though the show is taking a week off at ABC, the network released a huge teaser trailer for what is going to happen in two weeks.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Episode 14 promo

The new episode of Grey’s Anatomy is called Look Up Child, and ABC is making no secret of the fact that April Kepner is back. Unlike some of the other surprise appearances that have not been advertised, ABC is taking a different approach this time. ABC wants everyone to know that they need to tune in live to see why April and Jackson are enjoying some wine together.

This might have also been the worst tease of the season as viewers who didn’t know about April’s return now have to wait two weeks to find out why she is back on the show. Hopefully, the episode is worth the wait and that there is some strong writing attached to it.

When is the Grey’s Anatomy season finale?

There are reportedly 17 episodes for Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. As shown in the promo above, Episode 14 of the current season will air on Thursday, May 6. Working forward from there, if there is a new episode each week, the Grey’s Anatomy season finale will air on Thursday, May 27.

It’s good news that after this one-week break that we are going to get four straight weeks of new episodes. That will be the perfect way to wrap up Season 17 provided ABC decides to make a renewal announcement.

For now, there are still a lot of questions about whether or not Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 is even going to take place. We are holding out hope that the episode order will be revealed very soon, but it’s also possible that this May 27 episode could be a series finale. We hope it’s not.

Hopefully, star Ellen Pompeo signs a new contract, allowing ABC to renew the show for more episodes in the fall.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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