Ginny and Georgia: Sara Waisglass plays Maxine Baker

Promotional still from Ginny and Georgia.
Sara Waisglass as Maxine in episode 10 of Ginny & Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s latest comedy-drama Ginny and Georgia features many new faces. Playing an LGBT teen and Ginny Miller’s (Antonia Gentry) close friend Maxine Baker is the Degrassi actor Sara Waisglass. 

Fans were quick to fall in love with the young and quirky Maxine Baker. The character offers a refreshing wave of authenticity and excitement in contrast to the show’s more dark topics of murder, self-harm and infidelity. 

Who is Maxine Baker? 

Spoilers ahead. Maxine Baker is quickly inserted into the lives of the mother-daughter duo, Georgia and Ginny Miller, as she is their neighbor. She befriends Ginny and the two begin taking over Wellsbury High School. Maxine welcomes Ginny into her friend group who is often referred to as MAN— Maxine, Abby and Norah. With the addition of Ginny, they rebrand themselves as MANG. 

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Maxine is a young lesbian character who has two love interests throughout the series. She has an unrequited crush on her musical castmate Riley. Then she meets high school senior Sophie Sanchez (Humberly González) and the two date throughout the series until Maxine tells her that she loves her and the two break-up with Sophie citing that she doesn’t see herself going off to college with a girlfriend. 

The character butts heads with Ginny at the end of the series when it is revealed that Ginny is having an affair with her brother, Marcus (Felix Mallard). Feeling betrayed, Maxine kicks Ginny out of her life and starts a massive argument with her brother. 

Who is Sara Waisglass? 

Sara Waisglass is a young actor best known for her role in Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class where she played Francesca “Frankie” Hollingsworth. She also starred in one episode of The Good Doctor as the character Olivia Hartman.

More recently, she starred in the drama Holly Hobbie and Netflix’s October Faction. 

The actor has shared tons of Ginny and Georgia related images and videos onto her Instagram account. Her latest post reflects on the impressive musical number she performed towards the end of the series.

Waisglass described it as, “possibly the most insane experience of her life.” 

In addition to singing, she is also a fitness enthusiast. Waisglass is part of the Rocket Cycle team which is a Toronto-based cycling studio. She has shared content of herself teaching virtual classes and she has been advertising their online program. 

Huge fans of the actor can request a Cameo from her. She charges $50 for short videos and chats for $2.99. Curious about other Ginny and Georgia cast members? Read these articles on Felix Mallard and Mason Temple.

Ginny and Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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