Ginny and Georgia: Who is Mason Temple?

Promotional still from Ginny and Georgia.
Mason Temple plays Hunter Chen in Ginny & Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

Clearly, Netflix is in need of more young-adult dramas. After only two days, Ginny and Georgia has already topped the Netflix trending list in the United States. The series is filled with an incredible cast and many new faces, but let’s hone in on one: Mason Temple. 

Mason Temple plays Hunter Chen 

Ginny and Georgia presents two incredible love interests throughout the series. The actor Mason Temple plays the show’s nerdy teenage love interest, Hunter Chen. 

The actor is a newcomer to the screen. Prior to this show, Temple has only been in two small projects. 

He played a zombie extra in the comedy series iZombie and he played “boy at school” in the action series Six. On IMDb, Temple is credited to being in the upcoming movie V.C. Andrews’ Ruby but his role is not listed.

So sadly, if you’re looking for where to find Temple’s other work after binging Ginny and Georgia, you’re a bit out of luck. 

Temple on Instagram 

But thankfully, Temple is very active on his Instagram account. He described himself in his biography, “The biracial actor with a human face, not a building with an Illuminati affiliation,” and then follows it with his preferred pronouns and a link to his Cameo account where fans can request personalized videos from him for $15. 

Temple showed off his vocal chops in Georgia and Ginny when his character performed a love song that he wrote for his at-the-time girlfriend Ginny (Antonia Gentry) — masterfully titled, Ginny’s Song, and with the song, I Can Barely Breath, which his character performed with his bandmates. 

But he doesn’t stop there. The actor shares his own original songs on his Instagram account. A few months ago, Temple posted a song called The Pandemic People Song and wrote in the caption, “Shakespeare wrote Lear in quarantine, Isaac Newton also wrote something, so I wrote you this.”

He has also shared images from the show’s “wrap party.”

A comment from his coworker Sara Waisglass can be found underneath. She wrote, “How can you post at this hour, dude.”

Temple also posts about his artsy photography and his pride for his Taiwanese background. 

Additionally, he can be found at his YouTube channel called The EmptyLife where he posts his travels through Taiwan. The channel is described as, “The life & times of Mason Temple, the human/actor/student/Vancouverite/anxious-mess.”

Needless to say, Temple definitely won over hearts playing Hunter in Ginny and Georgia and he has expertly used his social media accounts to demonstrate his many talents. His fans should feel reassured that he has a long career ahead of him. 

Ginny and Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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