Ginny and Georgia: Who’s in the cast?

A promotional still from Georgia & Ginny.
Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry starring in Ginny and Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s new mother-daughter drama Ginny and Georgia has just arrived on the streaming platform. It is super bingeable and has an incredible cast, main and supporting. 

What is Ginny and Georgia? 

Ginny and Georgia tells the story of the Millers; their dark background and their messy present-day lives. Mother-of-two Georgia finds herself moving to Westbury, a beautiful and wealthy New England town, with her children, Ginny and Austin. 

At Westbury, the children have trouble being “the new kids.” Sweet little Austin is bullied by the child of the lead PTO mom, Cynthia Fuller (Sabrina Grdevich), and the troubled Ginny finds herself being one of the few Black students at her new high school. 

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Meanwhile, Georgia is off scamming her way through the town and into the local mayor’s office where she meets her newest love interest. 

This new young adult series has many dark twists and a few heartbreaking plotlines but is overall a light and addictive watch. It has ten episodes, each about an hour long. 

Who’s in the cast?

Headlining the cast as Ginny and Georgia are Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry. 

Howey previously played Alison in Dollface alongside Kat Dennings and Shauna Babcock in The Passage. She also played Candy in Horrible Bosses 2 and Melanie Dorkus in two episodes of Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens.

On Instagram, her biography links to the charity Donors Choose, a nonprofit that works to help fund classrooms that are in need. 

She recently shared this image of a billboard advertising the show, tagging her costar. She wrote, “From the chemistry read to the billboards … this girl has blown me away every step of the way.” 

Playing teenager Ginny is Antonia Gentry. This young actress previously starred as Jasmine in the Netflix movie Candy Jar and Wendy in one episode of Raising Dion

Gentry’s Instagram account links to a Teen Vogue profile where she was interviewed for her role in Ginny and Georgia. 

She shared an image from the shot, writing, “I can’t believe i was featured in @teenvogue … thanks for having me.”

Diesel La Torraca plays Ginny’s younger brother, Austin. Before Ginny and Georgia, he was cast in the mini-series Lambs of God and the movie Little Monsters. 

Canadian actor Jennifer Robertson plays the title character’s friendly neighbor, Ellen. Previously she can be found playing Jocelyn in the Emmy-winning series Schitt’s Creek and Kate in three episodes of Mr. D. 

Starring as Ginny’s two love interests, Marcus and Hunter are Felix Mallard and Mason Temple. Mallard played Aiden in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Lucas Caravaggio in Netflix’s Locke and Key. 

A few weeks ago, he posted an image from Ginny and Georgia on Instagram and shared his excitement about the release. Mallard wrote, “Buckle up because you’re in for a real treat.” 

The high-ranking student and musician Hunter was Temple’s first leading role on television. Prior to that, he played background characters in single episodes of iZombie and Six. However, he can been seen in the upcoming movie V.C. Andrews’ Ruby.

On his Instagram, he describes himself as “the biracial actor with a human face, not a building with an Illuminati affiliation” and includes his pronouns, he/him, in his biography. 

Also starring in Ginny and Georgia are Sara Waisglass (Degrassi) as Ginny’s best friend Maxine, Scott Porter (Avengers Assemble) as Mayor Paul Randolph and Raymond Ablack (Shadowhunters) as restaurant owner Joe. 

Ginny and Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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