Chicago P.D. recap: A very intense case for Upton, Intelligence

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Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, and Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek on Chicago P.D. 9×13. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. returned with a dramatic episode that focused on Detective Hailey Upton and a case she stumbled upon.

On the last episode of Chicago P.D., Intelligence took further steps into trying to get a bad batch of drugs off the streets.

The team is now working to take down a new drug kingpin who appears to be running his operation out of a bakery chain. Voight tasked his informant, Anna Avalos (played by Carmela Zumbado), with going undercover as an employee at one of the bakeries.

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The beginning of the new episode for Chicago P.D. came with an interesting revelation about Hailey Upton’s past. It turned out that Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt was the responding officer to Upton’s restaurant for an armed robbery when she was 10 years old and that Trudy had saved her family.

The story came up because Upton had reached 10 years on the job, and Trudy wanted a party to celebrate. As Trudy put it, Upton owed her a party. It was all a segment to provide some levity to the episode and set up what would come later in the night between Trudy and Upton.

Hailey Upton goes for a run

While out for a six-mile run next to the Chicago River, Upton was nearly hit by a car that then plunged into the water. When nobody got out, she jumped in and found two people unconscious in the vehicle. She struggled for a bit but got the driver’s door opened and pulled out a man. The passenger, a woman, then grabbed her arm for help, but the woman was pinned.

Upton signaled to the woman that she would be right back, and she swam the man to the surface. The cold water was getting to Upton very quickly, and she went back down for the woman after she hooked the man to a ladder extending out of the river. But as Upton went back under, she couldn’t locate the car again. She tried several more times to find it but could not.

The scene itself was filmed at the Chicago River, and the actress that plays Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) really went in the water to perform the stunt.

A lot of the Chicago River scene can be watched in the video shared below.

An ambulance finally arrived and took the man and Upton to Chicago Med. Upton was taken to be treated for hypothermia while Dr. Scott worked on saving the man. Trudy then came in to share the bad news that the woman had died after being underwater too long. In the hallway, the woman’s husband came in with their kids, and the story started getting very puzzling.

The husband told Upton and Trudy that his wife was coming home from depositing money and that he had no idea why there was a man in the car. This led Upton to suspect that something might have happened, and she went back to work with Intelligence at pulling traffic camera footage near the bank.

It turned out that the woman had been assaulted and kidnapped at the bank and that the man had forced her into her car before driving off. A very short time later, the car went into the water. But the overall theme here was that Upton had saved the criminal and that the woman had died during that choice. Upton was devastated.

A tense investigation begins

When Intelligence went back to the hospital to arrest the man, he was gone. The team worked to track him down and figured out he had been stalking the woman for six months before the attack. Upton was getting infuriated with each new detail, and she was taking it very hard that she could have tried to save the woman instead of the criminal.

Later, the team found evidence that the suspect had been sneaking into the woman’s house, stealing trinkets from her family, and waving to her daughter while driving after them periodically. They had DNA and camera footage and eventually figured out who the suspect was. They raided his home and found items he had been stealing over a large amount of time, suggesting there were more victims, but the man was still unaccounted for.

The episode circled back to Trudy and Upton, as Trudy revealed that the man who had robbed the Upton family restaurant all those years ago had pulled off at least two jobs before that. Trudy responded to the second robbery, where a victim was injured, and that man told her to go after the suspect. She said that she went after the suspect but lost him, and when she returned to the victim, he had died.

Trudy’s story was intended to show Upton that she could be the best cop in the world, but it still doesn’t mean everything will go right. She basically told Upton that saving the man was the right thing to do because there was no way she could have known the backstory at that time.

While going through all of the evidence, Upton figured out that the man had been targeting women who went to a gym where he was a member. It was also revealed that it had been going on for 15 years. But it was a strong lead and a location where they could set a trap for the man.

The episode came full circle as the man returned to the gym area, and Upton chased him into a pool area. They struggled. The man hit his head and then fell into the pool. After hesitating for a moment, Upton jumped in and saved him again. That man is now going to jail for the rest of his life.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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