Chicago P.D. recap: Can Intelligence find Burgess in time?

Halstead PD Season Finale
Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead on the season finale of Chicago P.D. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 16 aired on Wednesday night and this served as the season finale for the show.

The new episode, which was called The Other Side, picked up right where we left off last week – Burgess was in a lot of danger.

Intelligence had thought they were busting a small-time dealer, but that case exploded into something bigger last week. It led to the son of Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller getting murdered, the deaths of three young girls, and Officer Kim Burgess getting ambushed and assaulted.

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As the new episode began, the assault on Burgess continued and she was officially abducted. Intelligence had to scramble to figure out what happened to her, all the while making fans wonder which member would be the first to cross a line to get the job done.

Chicago P.D. recap for season finale

Adam Ruzek was the first person on the scene and he found out that Burgess was not there. He figured out that there was a crime scene and that his partner was in danger due to a blood trail. Ruzek called it in and Intelligence jumped into action when it came to the search.

The team found Kim’s vest shortly, as well as more blood. But it didn’t seem like enough blood for her to have been killed. The search intensified and it was all-hands-on-deck as the city started getting scoured by cops from many precincts.

As Intelligence was conducting its search, we also got some scenes from the point-of-view of Burgess. Kent was the one who had abducted her (not the boss, Roy) and Burgess took a chance and tried to disarm him (while she was handcuffed). It didn’t go well and she got injured further by being thrown to the ground.

Intelligence begins crossing the line

The whole episode was set up in a way to get viewers thinking and wondering what they might do in a situation such as this one. The bad guys were colored in a way that made them irredeemable and that helped to further blur the lines between doing what was right and what would save Burgess.

Through the course of the investigation, Voight took the team into a house without a warrant, Voight and Ruzek assaulted suspects and relatives of suspects, and the rest of the team covered it up. That wasn’t the only thing that got covered up.

Back at the warehouse, Kent called Roy in for help, but when Roy got there, he shot Kent and Burgess. Kent died and Burgess survived, but she was very wounded.

Voight caught up with Roy after he left that location, beating and threatening him to get information on the location of Burgess. None of it worked. That’s when Upton found Voight and Roy and forced her boss to take him in.

Voight eventually relented and got ready to take him in, only to have Roy grab his gun. Upton then shot and killed Roy.

Voight sent Upton home and said he would take care of it. He had never called it in, so it seemed that he could cover it up. We then watched as Voight dug a grave for Roy, put Roy in it covered in gasoline, and then set it all on fire.

Halstead and Atwater found Burgess while they were out searching and got her to the hospital, where she is clinging to life. She survived the night and is fighting for her life at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ruzek was at home with Makayla and Upton had returned home to Halstead, telling him that they should get married.

During the course of the investigation, there was also a fistfight between Ruzek and Atwater when Ruzek assaulted someone and Atwater told him that he had gone too far. That’s something that could get addressed again during Season 9. A lot will need to be covered in the next season premiere because there are going to be consequences to what just happened.

Chicago P.D. returns with Season 9 in the fall on NBC.

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