Chicago P.D. recap: Who will take care of Makalya if Burgess dies?

Kim Burgess S8 E13
Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess was featured on the new episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 13 was a dramatic one that debuted on Wednesday night. Called Trouble Dolls, it involved a group that was stealing babies from women and then selling them.

The case was a really dark one, but it was also intended to be personal for Officer Kim Burgess, who was taking the next steps to adopt the girl she has been fostering (Makayla).

On the last episode of Chicago P.D., Voight led the way as the team worked to track down a murderer and rapist. He crossed some lines when reporting what happened, but this episode didn’t end up addressing that particular open thread on the show.

Instead, this episode went back to the fight that Burgess and Adam Ruzek had when the team was trying to track down his missing father. As a reminder, Burgess had suspected that Ruzek might have crossed the line when he killed the suspect, but he hadn’t. Ruzek was upset about her lack of faith in him but didn’t allow her to really explain.

Chicago P.D. Trouble Dolls recap

As Intelligence was trying to solve the case of the “baby farm” and tracking down suspects, Burgess was also dealing with some issues that Makayla was having. The little girl wasn’t sleeping well, and when she did fall asleep, she would wake up screaming due to nightmares.

When Makayla fell asleep at school, she awoke screaming again, which led to some of the kids laughing at her. That led Makayla to lock herself in a closet until Burgess went to the school to help her. Burgess also received that call while she was in the interrogation room with a suspect, underscoring the trouble she was having at balancing her job with motherhood.

Burgess and Makayla and a custodian

In regard to the case, it took Intelligence a while, but eventually, it was Burgess herself that detained and arrested the guy who was behind stealing the babies and selling them. It was a cathartic moment for her, but it wasn’t without some bumps along the way.

When she and Ruzek were under fire, she hesitated while thinking about Makayla. She later said it was because she was worried, not for herself, but for what might happen to Makayla if something went wrong on the job.

Burgess had a good conversation with Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt, who suggested that she would have peace of mind if she just named a person who would take custody of Makayla if something happened to her (a custodian). There was a humorous moment when Trudy said, “don’t even think about picking me.”

Later, Burgess was opening the mail when Ruzek stopped by because she said it was urgent in an invitation. She told him that she considered him to be family and that she was going to name him as the custodian for Makayla. He was confused at first, but he said yes and that he was honored.

Maybe this could also be the first step toward them getting back together. But not just yet.

New Chicago P.D. episodes will continue in the month of May. The show is working toward a big season finale that will wrap up the year for the show. Chicago P.D. Season 9 will then debut in the fall at NBC.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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