Chicago P.D. recap: Voight gets tested, Intelligence in trouble

Chicago PD S8 E12
Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 12 really tested the people from Intelligence. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago P.D. really tested Sergeant Voight’s ability to stay on this new path on the police force. It even started with some heavy foreshadowing, as we saw the return of Nicole Air Parker playing Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller. She spoke about needing to police in the right way. That would come up again later.

Intelligence quickly jumped into a case that involved a woman being abducted. Her husband was shot during the incident, but he gave a good description.

Unfortunately, when the team tracked down the suspected vehicle, it had been torched. Her phone pinged, though, and they found her body in a warehouse. This all happened in the first few minutes of the episode.

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During the last episode of Chicago P.D., a lot of scenes involved Upton and Halstead trying to solve a case that involved a missing kid and her father. Upton took the case very personally, with Halstead concerned that she might be ready to cross too many lines to get the case solved. They solved it without doing that – but just barely.

The subplot was addressed again in this episode, as it appeared that Intelligence knew who was abducting and murdering women. The suspect was a man who was released on a technicality from an arrest, but whom the investigating detective (Lisa Martinez) was convinced was guilty. Upton said that they should have looked the other way and kept this man in jail, which was not something Halstead agreed with.

Voight almost crosses the line

Intelligence was able to track down someone who was recently seen with their suspect. He turned out to be a friend of the man and Voight gave him the chance to come clean about where his friend was or do it the hard way. He chose the hard way.

Voight made the call to keep Adam Ruzek on scene and send everyone else back to the station. Halstead protested, but ended up relenting when his boss (Voight) forced him to.

Voight and Ruzek tried to pressure the guy into talking, but he wasn’t giving up anything. They both appeared very close to crossing the line into torture or violence, but they relented and arrested the guy on drug charges (he had been found with meth). It all got them no closer to the suspect, but they didn’t cross that line.

Intelligence solves the case, but at a cost

Voight was first on the scene at a location where the suspect had been tracked. When he got there, though, Martinez was already on scene. She wanted redemption for her earlier mistake and they entered the building together.

They ended up in a shootout with the suspect, but he was injured when he tried to jump over a railing from the second floor in order to escape.

While Voight was in the process of arresting the suspect, Martinez came up and asked Voigt to let her shoot him. He talked her down, but when he pushed her gun down, it went off. He pocketed the bullet casing and told her to leave. Voight then wrote up the report as though Martinez has not been there.

Later, Miller asked Voight about it, and he sidestepped every direct question, even when Miller told him that the suspect had stated that Martinez was there. Voight assured Miller that she didn’t need to know the truth, and the whole situation was left hanging a bit. Would Miller now bury what she knew to be true about Martinez being there? For now, she just did.

This all seems like something that could impact a future episode, especially when it comes to Halstead trying to follow the rules and meeting resistance.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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