Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 6: Maggie’s son faces a health scare

Maggie Chicago Med S6 E6
Marlyne Barrett plays Maggie Lockwood on the Chicago Med cast and is featured on new episode. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The last episode of Chicago Med certainly made an impact, and we might have seen Dr. Noah Sexton for the final time.

There were also some brief scenes that involved Marlyne Barrett speaking about her son and how badly he was going to need a transplant. As if the stress of dealing with new ED chief Dr. Ethan Choi wasn’t enough for her already.

Regarding Choi, this is all going to lead into a new Chicago Med cast member that is joining the show in Season 6. There were definitely some subtle hints about who it will be that came out when Choi was talking with Dr. Charles in the last episode.

A new episode of the show will air on Wednesday night and it is called Don’t Want to Face This Now. The early promos have indicated that Maggie, Ben, and their son Auggie Roberts are going to go through some drama. But that’s not all the February 10 episode will focus on.

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 6 synopsis

Below is the full synopsis that NBC has released for the new episode of the show. It hints at a lot of different plot points. It also serves as a throwback to the storylines that Dr. Will Halstead and Anna Charles were involved with in the last episode.

“Choi helps a patient with chronic pain find a solution; Halstead considers a new path; Charles and Anna bond over a scary situation.”

Chicago Med: Don’t Want to Face This Now promo

A short promo for the February 10 episode of Chicago Med has been released by the network. It is included below and it presents a really touching moment of Auggie speaking to Maggie.

More One Chicago in February

New episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will also be airing on February 10. Not only that, but NBC is already stating that more new episodes are coming this month.

On February 17, a new episode of Chicago Med called Better Is the Enemy of Good will air on NBC. This serves as Season 6, Episode 7 of the show, and some early plot points have also been revealed.

During Episode 7, Halstead is going to have some problems with his medical trial and Choi is going to be close to succumbing to the stress of his new job. Hopefully, the new recurring character on the show can help him with that.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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