Is Noah leaving Chicago Med? Have we seen the last of Roland Buck III?

Noah Leaves Chicago Med
Roland Buck III appeared to be done playing Noah Sexton on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med cast seems like a revolving door at times, but the exit of Noah Sexton on Wednesday night still caught a lot of fans off-guard.

We finally got to see the return of actor Roland Buck III in his role of Dr. Noah Sexton on Wednesday evening. And we even went into the episode knowing that there was drama waiting in the wings.

By the end of the hour, Noah had upset his sister April, again, while also angering the new ED chief, Dr. Ethan Choi, again. That’s a regular episode for Noah, but he still had a shocking revelation waiting for everyone.

Is Noah leaving Chicago Med?

During the new episode, Noah was back at the hospital and he was faced with someone from his past going through a health crisis.

A doctor from the clinic that had saved Noah’s father lost his wife and wanted to end his own life. He tried it on his own and it brought a lot of issues to the hospital.

April and Choi wanted him to be stopped and reported it, while Noah wanted to help the man find peace. The story got to a point where Noah was left alone with the man and he deliberately put a syringe full of medication close to the man. Of course, once Noah left the room, the man killed himself.

Choi was forced into a difficult position of reporting April’s brother or turning a blind eye to the situation. April begged him to spare her brother, and Choi made the decision to not report Noah to the police. But, Choi did fire Noah on the spot.

And that’s it. The character of Dr. Noah Sexton is done. Or is he? It is television after all. So don’t lose hope if he is one of your favorite characters on the Chicago Med cast. Still…

Emotional episode to come

Anyone who stuck around to watch the promo for the next episode of Chicago Med saw that there is intrigue and drama in store. Is it possible that episodes of the show are getting better each season? Yes, it’s definitely possible.

For now, we all need to catch our collective breath based on what happened during the episode called When Your Heart Rules Your Head. And, yes, it is one of those episodes we may also have to watch a second time.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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