Chicago Fire spoilers: What fans should expect in winter premiere

Serious Severide Chicago PD
Taylor Kinney continues to play Kelly Severide on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire spoilers about the upcoming winter premiere were recently revealed by co-showrunner, Derek Haas.

The biggest piece of information is that Chicago Fire fans should expect the next new episode to be a continuation of what took place during the fall finale.

There were some big moments on the last episode of Chicago Fire, including Jason Pelham getting named the new lieutenant as Chief Boden finally filled the open spot left behind by Matthew Casey.

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The absence of Stella Kidd was felt in a big way, but in the closing moments of the fall finale, Kelly Severide arrived home to find Stella in the apartment. And the couple definitely has a lot to talk about.

Chicago Fire spoilers about Season 10, Episode 10

“No. 10 starts right in the aftermath of that [fall finale]. You’ve got a situation where it’s musical chairs [at Firehouse 51] and there’s one too many people and not enough chairs, so that’s going to come into play,” Haas told ET Online.

“The timing of her [Kidd] leaving wasn’t ideal professionally with the open spot for the lieutenantship or with Severide, because Severide had a history of going a little off the reservation on her in the past. But she’s never really done that to him,” Haas also stated about what needs to be addressed within the Stellaride relationship.

“And so he [Severide] doesn’t know quite how to react to that situation of being ignored… or abandoned for the most part, even if the reasons were good and noble. This is going to be a source of concern going into the second half of the season,” Haas went on to explain.

Below is the TV promo currently airing for the Chicago Fire winter premiere.

Chicago Fire 10x10 Promo (HD)

More about Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 10

According to the Chicago Fire synopsis for the winter premiere, “Stella Kidd returns to Firehouse 51. The team must work together to put out a potassium fire in a tunnel. After that incident, Ritter begins to worry about a young cop who witnessed the fiery death of a truck driver.”

It will be good to see Darren Ritter involved in a storyline that doesn’t focus on him being the third wheel to the relationship (or non-relationship) going on between Blake Gallo and Violet Mikami. Especially after their new brewing company got displaced due to Gallo’s actions in the fall finale.

There are also some Chicago Fire spoilers about what happened to Stella Kidd and whether or not actress Miranda Rae Mayo is leaving the show. The writers of the show set it up in a way where fans would have to wonder, but the showrunners do have a plan.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Stacy Savage
Stacy Savage
1 year ago

In it’s tenth season, and the writers keep on keeping on. I believe MR Mayo (our Stella!) is leaving…this is a story arc…poor Severide! Please keep the Lieut from Arson away from Kelly, writers…well, it may go that way!