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Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 5: Firefighters trapped in new episode

Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden in Chicago Fire.
Eamonn Walker leads the Chicago Fire cast as Wallace Boden. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire rolls on with Season 9, Episode 5 on Wednesday night. This new episode is called My Lucky Day and the early teases suggest some exciting action is coming up.

This is a shift from the drama that took place during the last episode, which was more about the characters and the relationships between them.

Severide is creating space between himself and Stella because he is worried about her career. But he isn’t being honest with her about it. That led to her moving out to live with Brett.

And speaking of Brett, more roadblocks surfaced on the road to her having a romantic relationship with Casey. They just can’t get on the same page, which means both of the primary (or potential) couples are dealing with a lot as Season 9 continues.

As we all watch helplessly on the sidelines, Severide and Stella are heading toward a breakup, while Brett and Casey refuse to admit their true feelings for one another.

It’s time for a palate cleanser.

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 5 synopsis

Ahead of the new episode called My Lucky Day, NBC released a full synopsis for the installment. It reads as follows:

“When Firehouse 51 is called to the scene of a dangerous blaze inside a 10-story storage unit, Hermann and Cruz find themselves trapped inside a freight elevator with all communications cut off.”

Hermann and Cruz are going to be in the thick of things and it is really going to ramp up the life-or-death drama of the episode. For fans who had felt that relationship drama took over the show this season, here is your reprieve.

Chicago Fire: My Lucky Day episode promo

Buckle up, because below is the promo clip for the new episode that is scheduled to air for the first time on Wednesday, January 3.

Yep. That’s how you do drama on Chicago Fire. Especially with the piano notes serving as background music. It’s definitely going to be a pulse-pounding episode for the folks from Firehouse 51.

New episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago P.D.

The evening of February 3 is also going to include new episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.

On Chicago Med, a familiar face returns to the cast to cause some drama for the new boss, Dr. Ethan Choi.

And speaking of Chicago P.D., actor Cleveland Berto will soon make his debut as a new character on the show. He will be an interesting addition to the Chicago P.D. cast, especially since his character reads as a by-the-book cop.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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1 year ago

Sorry, but Brett and Casey have admitted feelings – misconstrued ones at very best. They have both become reliant on one another because they haven’t or can’t deal with their past relationships to move forward.