Chicago P.D. cast: A new face joins show in Cleveland Berto

Chicago PD S8 E3
The team on Chicago P.D. is going to be joined by a new face soon. Pic credit: Matt Dinerstein/NBCUniversal

The Chicago P.D. cast is going to get some fresh blood for upcoming 2021 episodes.

Actor Cleveland Berto has joined the One Chicago show as Officer Jalen Walker.

There had been rumors that one of the members of Voight’s team was going to be leaving the show and Berto could certainly be someone who sees some storylines as a result.

According to Variety, Berto “will portray a character who is super idealistic and in all ways a golden boy (athlete, smart, family man, scholar).”

The article, passing on some exclusive information about Berto’s role, stated that “His character turned down Wall Street to work for the Chicago Police Department, as he wants to see if he can make a difference and change the status quo.”

It is unclear which episode will mark his first appearance on the Chicago P.D. cast.

Who is actor Cleveland Berto?

Berto will be seen as one of the leads in the Salt N Pepa biopic, playing producer Hurby Azor.

His past acting credits include a small part as T. Gill in Terminator: Dark Fate, an episode of Lucifer on TV, an episode of Shameless as Little Shins in 2019, and an episode of Fresh Off the Boat as a model named Walter in 2016.

Berto has some additional small roles, but many people may know him from the Berto boxing and MMA Florida family.

His father is Dieuseul Berto, who competed on UFC 10, his older brother is Edson Berto from the Florida MMA scenes, and his younger sister Rivelina Nana Berto competed on UFC the Ultimate Fighter Reality show.

Berto also has a younger brother named Andre, who was an Olympian for Haiti and a boxing world champion.

Variety also reported that Cleveland Berto is going to be a series regular on the Chicago P.D. cast, so NBC viewers are going to get to see him a lot when the show returns this winter.

More One Chicago news

We have only been able to enjoy two Chicago P.D. Season 8 episodes so far this fall. On the last one, things got more chaotic in Atwater’s fight against the blue wall after patrol officers stopped responding to his team’s calls.

The debut of Nicole Ari Parker appearing as Samatha Miller on the Chicago P.D. Season 8 cast also took place back in November. She brought a new wrinkle to the world of the One Chicago and could be someone to keep a close eye on in the back end of Season 8.

The Chicago P.D. return date is slated for Wednesday, January 6, so it’s not too much longer until we get to see what Intelligence is up to again and find out if Officer Jalen Walker is interacting with them right away.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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