Chicago Fire: New firefighter proves he belongs at Firehouse 51

Stella On Chicago Fire
Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire returned Wednesday night with a new episode called Every Scar Tells a Story.

It seemed pretty evident that the title was stemming an injury seen on the new firefighter during the season premiere.

Regarding that new firefighter, Jake Lockett has joined the Chicago Fire cast as Sam Carver, a new man at Firehouse 51 with a mysterious past.

As we learned from the TV promo for the new episode, Carver was going to be given a difficult task on a call that would put the lives of several people in his hands.

At the start of the new episode, quite a few substories were laid out that would be covered in the next hour. It seemed like a lot was going to happen.

Blake Gallo was coming off a night with a new girl, Joe Cruz brought in his adopted son Javi to spend shifts with him at Firehouse 51, and Sylvie Brett struggled with moving on after she broke off her long-distance relationship with Matthew Casey on the premiere.

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Before going out on a call, Brett talked with Mouch about expanding their visits with her paramedicine program. He balked at first, but Mouch could see that she needed to focus on something non-Casey, and he consented to give her even more help.

This story led to a mini-crossover, as Trudy (from Chicago P.D.) hosted Brett for dinner to try and help her deal with missing Casey. The dinner came after a person Mouch and Brett checked on attacked them after he stopped taking his medication.

The team was called out to a construction site where a power cable had been cut, electrifying everything around then. Squad and Truck worked to lower Kelly Severide to a worker who had to be lifted out, and Carver hurt himself, putting everything into the save.

It turned out Carver used to work with the man who got injured, so he went to check on him at the hospital. The man lost a leg due to his injuries, and his company blamed him for the accident, but Carver was sure the man wouldn’t have done anything wrong.

Carver becomes a part of Firehouse 51

Much like Severide has done in the past, Carver went back to the rescue site and, with Kidd’s help, he figured out that his friend was being set up so that the workman’s compensation wouldn’t kick in from the accident.

Carver putting himself out there to take the extra step proved to Kidd that he was the perfect addition to Firehouse 51. And it appeared they were going to be on the same page until she pushed to find out about his scar. He wasn’t comfortable talking about it, though, suggesting there is a big story behind it that will be explored later.

In a different story from the episode, Violet and Chief Hawkins have been advancing in their relationship, including some time away at a hotel while he was at a conference.

And Chicago Fire fans were in for a surprise at the end of the episode, when Gallo, Ritter, and Severide were at the bar after shift. Herrmann revealed that his niece was coming in, and he wanted them on their best behavior. When the niece came in, she turned out to be the woman Gallo had been hooking up with.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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