Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 2 TV promo and synopsis reveal new firefighter must save lives

Taylor Kinney Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney was on the set with a new actress from the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Chicago Fire Season 11 is underway, and already we have learned that there is someone new working at Station 51.

It was during the season premiere that One Chicago fans got to see Jake Lockett as Sam Carver for the first time. We also learned the shocking news that Mason had to already be replaced.

Lockett went to the fire academy with Stella Kidd, who is now his boss, as he come to work with all of the other primary characters on the show.

There is a bit of drama behind the scenes there, but Carver seems to be good at his job. Chief Boden even spoke up for Carver and detailed an impressive save that he witnessed Carver carry out on a recent fire call.

Now, Carver is going to become an important component of Station 51, and he is immediately going to be tasked with saving lives during the second episode of the new season.

If anyone missed the first episode, it is now available for streaming on Peacock, and it is a must-watch before heading in to watch Episode 2.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 2 synopsis

“Javi spends a couple of shifts at Firehouse 51. Kidd and Carver work together to help Carver’s former boss. As Hawkins and Violet’s relationship blossoms, Gallo turns his attention elsewhere,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 2.

For anyone that might need a reminder, Javi is the adopted son of firefighter Joe Cruz. It sounds like he is going to get to see what his dad does on the job.

Carver’s former boss is also going to be a focus of the new episode, so that should provide another interesting wrinkle in the backstory that the Chicago Fire writers are working with here.

Chicago Fire TV promo for episode called Every Scar Tells a Story

Below is the TV promo that NBC is running for the September 28 episode of Chicago Fire. The new episode is called Every Scar Tells a Story, and it looks like Carver is going to literally be holding the lives of some people in his hands during an intense call.

The title of the new episode — Every Scar Tells a Story — seems like it has to do with the scars on Carver’s body that were hinted at during the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere. He likely attained them during the call that Boden spoke about to the team.

In addition to the new episode of Chicago Fire, September 28 will feature new episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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