Chicago Fire recap: Repercussions from the explosion and a new threat revealed in winter premiere

Kara Killmer Chicago Fire Image
Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Chicago Fire returned on Wednesday night with its winter premiere for 2023.

The show immediately jumped into the situation at the house, which had exploded with firefighters Stella Kidd and Sam Carver still inside.

Kelly Severide called his team into action and ran into the house to search for survivors.

The first person he came across was the bomb tech, who Tony then took outside. Severide then came across an unconscious Kidd, Carver, and Detective Pryma.

Kidd regained consciousness as Severide tried to help her, and it was discovered that she had taken shrapnel from the brunt of the blast.

The ambulances rushed Kidd and Pryma to Med, where they went through treatment. Kidd’s prognosis was pretty good once she had the shrapnel removed, but the emotional toll was much worse for everyone involved.

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A time jump took place during the first real commercial break, and the episode returned with Kidd back on the job after healing up for about three weeks. The house was already at the point of joking about the incident.

Carver’s temperament around Kidd changed a lot after she saved his life, and even she noticed that he was much more agreeable on the job.

Sylvie Brett started setting up a safe deposit box at the station for abandoned babies while Violet Mikami was making calls to try to remove Emma Jacobs from the investigative unit based on her past.

A former paramedic for Firehouse 51, Emma returned on the fall finale with a new job and some power that Violet feared could be misused. Violet finally got a meeting with the brass, but she didn’t have any physical evidence, so no action could be taken.

Chicago Fire is back in action

At a call that required rescuing a man stuck in a cooking vent, Carver hesitated as Kidd tried to do her job. They saved the man, but it was clear that Carver was still shaken from the explosion.

Sharon Goodwin from Chicago Med stopped by to check out the new baby box and commend Sylvie for installing it.

At the same time, Emma showed up inside the firehouse to inform Violet that she knew about the attempts to get her fired.

Severide went to Pryma’s house to check on him, and though his recovery is going well, Pryma is retiring to spend more time with his three daughters.

Later, at Molly’s, Violet commiserated with Sylvie about having to keep watch for Emma to strike back at her now. Angering Emma may not have been one of Violet’s wisest moves.

Kidd sat down with Carver at Molly’s to talk about what they had gone through. She admitted to having nightmares, but Carver wouldn’t open up. After Kidd pushed him a bit, Carver started to tell his backstory.

When Carver was a kid, he was shoved into a bonfire by his brother. His brother claimed that Carver fell into the fire, and nobody believed Carver when he tried to tell people what really happened. That’s where the scars come from and what stays with him.

This led to Carver feeling bad that Kidd got hurt saving him, which was messing with his head. He told Kidd that he would pull it together, but we will likely revisit this storyline.

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A new actress has joined the Chicago Med cast, with her first appearance coming on the show’s next episode.

For readers who want to jump ahead, the Chicago Fire showrunners teased what’s coming with Emma.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.