Chicago Fire recap: A shocking character returns before a huge cliffhanger leaves fans gasping for air

Kelly Severide Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire returned with its fall finale on Wednesday night, giving fans some drama before the long winter hiatus begins.

Two main storylines were the focus of Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 9, with the first one featuring the struggles that Kelly Severide was having with the cost of helping Detective Pryma on the Martucci case.

The case is the one where Severide figured out the type of explosives that someone was experimenting with in an abandoned building. It ties back to the people who attacked Severide and Stella Kidd.

And the secondary story was Blake Gallo campaigning for Christophe Herrmann to represent Firehouse 51 at the National Firefighter’s Association’s Winter Conference. The rep for 51 would be traveling to Miami to enjoy themselves while also doing some work.

The fall finale began with Severide being unable to sleep after he last told Pryma he was done helping, Joe Cruz was getting nervous about the upcoming court date to officially adopt their new kid, and Herrmann told Gallo that his niece had moved back home.

This was the niece that Gallo had been hooking up with, and Herrmann still didn’t know. It led to a few amusing moments where Herrmann talked well about Gallo’s interactions with his niece while Ritter and Violet laughed in the background.

First call of the Chicago Fire fall finale

Someone on their motorcycle tried to make it across one of the river bridges before it opened all the way and didn’t make it. This led to a situation where the bridge was all the way up and the man and his motorcycle were barely hanging on.

Severide climbed up the pedestrian side and began repelling from the top point to the man in order to help lower him. He needed the bridge lowered a bit to make it safer, and Kidd ordered Carver to get on it. The bridge operator wouldn’t let Carver do it, so Carver pushed him aside and took the controls.

The man was saved, but back at the station, Boden pulled them all in to state that a complaint had been filed against Carver by the city employee for what had happened.

A dramatic return to Chicago Fire

An investigation was opened on Carver, and a representative was sent to interview him. That’s when Emma Jacobs (played by Caitlin Carver) walked back into 51. Emma is the former paramedic who had been causing problems for Chief Evan Hawkins and Violet last season.

Now, Emma seemed to be holding Carver’s career in her hands, and the questions she was asking him made it seem like she had it out for the entire firehouse.

In the end, Emma stated that she felt there wasn’t a reason to continue the investigation if Carver apologized, which he was ready to do. On her way out, Emma talked to Violet as if they were friends, but Violet didn’t see it that way. And now Emma has an important position for the city that could impact the firehouse again at a later date.

A call to end the Chicago Fire fall finale

Firehouse 51 was called out to a barricaded suspect, and it turned out to be Pryma going to arrest Martucci. A gunfight between police and the men inside broke out, leading to a chaotic scene right before the final commercial break of the night.

When the dust had settled, many of the suspects were dead, but Pryma had a rocket-propelled grenade lodged in his leg. Kidd and Carver went inside with the bomb squad to try to disarm it and save Pryma’s life.

The tech got the rocket dismantled and out of Pryma’s leg, but as he was walking a piece away from the situation, it armed itself. He tossed it into the next room, put a table in front of it, and ran back toward the rest of the people in the house before it went off, causing an explosion that blew out the windows of the house.

Chicago Fire came to an end for the night without revealing what happened to the people inside the house. The fates of Kidd, Carver, Pryma and the bomb squad tech are up in the air until the show returns.

Wrapping up the Chicago Fire fall finale, Herrmann won that election, but it turned out that the trip was in Miami, Ohio. When Cruz officially adopted his son in court, Herrmann was happy, so Gallo told him about sleeping with his niece. We didn’t see Herrmann’s response before the final call went out.

The show is now on hiatus for a bit, but recent Chicago Fire spoilers revealed a new cast member. They have already been back to filming new episodes for the winter and spring, and in that regard, new information about the future of Gallo and Violet came out.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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