Chicago Fire: Spoilers about the future for Violet and Gallo

Violet On Chicago Fire Face
Hanako Greensmith plays Violet Mikami on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBCUniversal/Adrian S. Burrows Sr.

Chicago Fire dealt a huge blow to viewers of the show when it killed off Paramedic Chief Evan Hawkins.

Losing Hawkins in such a fashion made it one of the 10 most memorable character exits the show has seen.

The introduction of Hawkins had also come between paramedic Violet Mikami and firefighter Blake Gallo at first.

Violet and Gallo used to be a couple within the world of One Chicago, but things kept getting in the way of that relationship.

After Gallo warmed up to Hawkins, though, the two men were on good terms as Season 11 of Chicago Fire began to play out.

The previous relationship is why some Chicago Fire fans might have questions about the future for Violet and Gallo and if there is a shot that they will get back together.

Alberto Rosende provides Chicago Fire insight

The actor (Alberto Rosende), who plays Blake Gallo, spoke with NBC Insider about what comes next for his character and the one played by Hanako Greensmith.

“I know that after the episode we got with Ritter and Gallo being confronted by Violet, Violet shakes them a little bit and says, ‘I need you guys to be normal’—I think we’re gonna see more of that,” Rosende told NBC Insider.

He is speaking about the episode where Gallo and Ritter had been walking on eggshells around Violet and how they were trying to keep their relationship drama away from her. That plan backfired because Violet just wanted some normalcy when she returned to work.

What does the future hold for Gallo and Violet?

“I think we’re gonna see the friendship between us three amigos get a little stronger. Romantically, I don’t think Gallo even has that door open anymore right now because of everything Violet’s gone through. Remember, Gallo knew Evan Hawkins, as well. So there’s this hole there that wasn’t there before,” Rosende elaborated.

It sounds like we will see a lot of scenes that include Violet, Gallo, and Ritter in the near future, but that romance isn’t in the cards for the short-term episodes. That’s probably a good thing, as fans still haven’t gotten over losing Hawkins.

Plus, there have been a lot of great moments on the show with the trio hanging out together, and they always end up with some funny lines at Molly’s. Besides, Molly’s is also where Gallo’s new flame works, so don’t forget about her.

Upcoming, there is a dramatic fall finale of Chicago Fire that fans are going to have to deal with, and there is going to be someone returning from the past. As the synopsis states, a “shocking return” to the Chicago Fire cast is about to take place.

Additionally, a new actress is joining Chicago Fire later this winter.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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