Chicago Fire fall finale to feature a ‘shocking return’

Severide On Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire’s Season 11. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire fall finale is coming up quickly, and some more information about what viewers should expect from the big night has also become available.

Previously, NBC released a TV promo for that new episode of Chicago Fire, teasing a small snippet of what is going to happen with the folks from Firehouse 51.

The TV promo mostly focuses on the latest case that Kelly Severide has been helping the Chicago P.D. try to solve.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 9 now has a full synopsis out, giving fans a more specific look at what will be covered in the final new episode for 2022.

According to the synopsis, “Severide struggles with the cost of helping Det. Pryma with the Martucci case” and “Gallo campaigns for Herrmann to represent 51 at the National Firefighter’s Association’s Winter Conference.”

But that’s not what will grab the attention of most Chicago Fire fans because a little nugget is teased that should definitely spark additional interest.

The important part of the Chicago Fire fall finale

“A familiar face makes a shocking return,” reads the end of the synopsis for the Chicago Fire fall finale, raising some very interesting questions about where the show will leave off heading into the winter hiatus.

So what does it all mean? The synopsis insinuates that viewers really will be “shocked” by the reappearance of someone, but we don’t know if this will be a friend or a foe.

Maybe it will be as simple as Brett Dalton reappearing as Lieutenant Jason Pelham or Chris Mansa coming back as Firefighter Mason Locke. Both of them served as replacements after Matthew Casey left to head to Portland, but that doesn’t exactly scream “shocking” in this context.

Chicago Fire fans won’t want to miss the 2022 fall finale

Quite often, Chicago Fire uses cliffhangers to keep people interested in future episodes of the show. The writers have blown up a building with nearly everyone inside of it, have had the entire Squad team trapped underwater, and have had various other characters left in perilous situations before heading into a break.

The December 7 episode of Chicago Fire is going to be the last one of the calendar year, with the long winter hiatus beginning with its conclusion. There have even been rumors about something happening to Stella Kidd based on the television promo, so that’s another reason to make sure to tune in live.

Earlier on the night of December 7, a main character is leaving Chicago Med, bringing an end to an era for one person on the show.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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