Chicago Fire cast: Who is Griffin Darden?

Casey Chicago Fire Season 10
Matthew Casey stepped up to take care of Griffin Darden during Chicago Fire Season 2. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Griffin Darden was a character on the Chicago Fire cast during the first two seasons of the show.

He appeared in eight episodes, with the debut of his character coming in Mon Amour (Chicago Fire Season 1, Episode 2).

As for the question of who is Griffin Darden, he is the son of former firefighter Andrew Darden.

Andy Darden was good friends with Kelly Severide and Matthew Casey but he died in the series premiere. In fact, his death came within the first few minutes of that pilot episode.

Who was Griffin Darden on the Chicago Fire cast?

Due to the close relationship that Andy Darden and Matthew Casey had together after they went to the academy together, Andy and his wife, Heather Darden, wanted Casey to be the one to watch their sons if anything should ever happen to them.

Well, something came up in Season 2, when Heather ended up getting sent to prison. That led to Casey taking care of Griffin Darden and Ben Darden for most of the season. Casey became even closer with them than he had before, which also led to the boys being in more episodes.

Griffin Darden was originally played by Griffin Kane during the first season, but he was replaced by John Babbo for the Season 2 episodes. The last time that we saw the kids on the show was during Chicago Fire Season 2, Episode 7 (called No Regrets).

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We had high hopes of a big One Chicago crossover taking place during the Fall 2021 television season. There were even reports that a crossover was coming, but that may no longer be in the cards.

It looks like a crossover between Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med has been shelved for the time being. That’s disappointing because it is always really interesting to see a night where the three shows interact with each other.

Hopefully, it can get off the ground soon, and possibly be filmed in order to air this spring on NBC.

In other news, the big Chicago Fire event to mark Episode No. 200 is coming up soon. We can’t want to see what gets covered in the episode, but there have already been a lot of hints about callbacks and “life-changing” moments for the characters of Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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