What happened to Andy Darden on Chicago Fire?

Darden On Chicago Fire Episode
Chris Sorensen played firefighter Andy Darden on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Fire cast originally included firefighter Andy Darden as one of the people on Matthew Casey’s team.

Darden was played by actor Chris Sorensen, and the character ended up being a catalyst to many early-season storylines for the show.

Within the world of Chicago Fire, Darden had a wife named Heather (played by Chaon Cross) and two sons, named Griffin Darden and Ben Darden.

There was also a really good backstory with the character, as Darden had been best friends with Kelly Severide since they were in kindergarten together. It didn’t end there, either, as Darden went to the academy with Casey, where they too had become great friends.

It meant that the characters were all very intertwined when the Chicago Fire pilot episode began, but it also meant that a lot of emotions were involved when tragedy struck Firehouse 51.

What happened to Andy Darden on Chicago Fire?

Within the first five minutes of the Chicago Fire series premiere, Andy Darden died. The firehouse was responding to a house fire and Darden broke a window to enter one side of the house before it had been properly vented. It led to a flame over in the house and the death of a character we had barely gotten to know.

The death of Darden was taken hard by Casey and Severide, leading to a thick animosity between the two of them that would stick around for a while. It also kickstarted a huge rivalry for power within the firehouse. Years later, Casey and Severide are back to being the best of friends, but the show didn’t make it seem like they could ever get on the same page again.

Who was Griffin Darden on the Chicago Fire cast?

Griffin Darden was one of the sons of Andy Darden, who would end up going to live with Matthew Casey after their mother went to prison. Griffin and Ben were in a number of Season 2 episodes, showing just how much Casey loved and respected their father.

During his appearance in Season 1, the character of Griffin Darden was played by Griffin Kane. In the Chicago Fire Season 2 episodes that featured Griffin Darden, the character was played by John Babbo.

More news and notes from Chicago Fire

There had been reports of an epic One Chicago crossover coming up soon in Fall 2021, but the Chicago Fire showrunner put some cold water on that.

The great news, though, is that Chicago Fire Episode No. 200 is coming up soon. According to the showrunner, the episode is going to be “life-changing” for the people on the show and it should definitely not be missed.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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