Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med crossover update comes from showrunner

Gallo And Casey Chicago Fire 1002
Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo and Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med crossovers have always made for great television, giving One Chicago fans epic nights that stretch over the full three hours of Wednesday night programming.

It was back in June that an upcoming One Chicago crossover was getting teased. It looked like we might get to see our first full-fledged crossover event in quite some time.

Sure, we have seen characters from the other shows pop up every now and then on a second show over the past year, but it just wasn’t the same as seeing an entire cast showing up on the episode of another program.

We even got teased with Dr. Crockett from Chicago Med appearing on the Chicago Fire season premiere to tend to an injured Joe Cruz.

Bad news about major crossover for Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med

It looks like we have some bad news in the form of One Chicago spoilers. The hope that a major crossover would take place early in the Fall 2021 episodes has been dashed by the same man who got us excited in the first place.

“I feel bad, because we had one planned, and we had it all talked out with the showrunners of the other two shows, and we know what we’re going to do, and it’s enormous… but the Delta variant kind of forced our hand,” Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas told TV Line.

Maybe we could see a One Chicago crossover in the spring, but it appears that one for the Fall 2021 episodes is now off the table.

New episodes of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med

The new season’s for each show continue with brand new episodes on Wednesday, September 29. These are going to be important chapters for each program, as the casts can move on to storylines that didn’t have to get wrapped up from last season.

On a new Chicago Med episode, the fresh faces in the ED are going to take center stage in some interesting cases. We will also likely see Dr. Will Halstead try to get more information about the doctor he is secretly investigating.

For the new episode of Chicago Fire, an intense rescue is getting advertised within the TV commercials. It raises a lot of questions about what Herrmann and his crew are about to find inside of that crushed car.

And on the new episode of Chicago P.D., a lot of time is going to get spent on Officer Kim Burgess trying to get back on her feet after nearly being killed. The promo makes it look like there are going to be a few bumps along the way for her.

Make sure to tune in for the all-new night of One Chicago programming because this is when plotpoints start surfacing that are going to get addressed throughout the season. For Chicago Fire fans, here are some spoilers about what you will get surprised with on Wednesday night.

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. air Wednesdays beginning at 8/7c on NBC.