Chicago Fire boss gives an update on Sylvie Brett

Kara Killmer On Chicago Fire
Actress Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire has had paramedic Sylvie Brett take a bit of a backseat to other characters during the first half of Season 11.

A lot of time was spent with Violet Mikami and her relationship with Chief Evan Hawkins, which led to Sylvie being even more of a supporting character.

But recently, we got to see Sylvie go out on a coffee date with a guy named Dylan, who seems like he might be a great fit for her.

It’s been pretty obvious that Sylvie is taking things slowly in her life following the exit of firefighter Matthew Casey.

Sylvie and Casey finally became a couple at the beginning of Season 10, but then he moved to Portland to take care of the kids that a fallen firefighter friend had left behind.

After trying to make the long-distance thing work, Sylvie and Casey broke up, opening the door for her to dip a toe back into the dating pool.

More to come for Sylvie and Dylan

Chicago Fire co-showrunner Andrea Newman stated that Sylvie is “going to have a lot of fun with Dylan” in upcoming episodes.

“But there’s always the lingering question of: Was Casey the love of her life? And will that make it impossible to move on?” Newman added.

She also told TV Line that the return of Emma Jacobs “will end up impacting [Sylvie] as well” when the show returns.

It was on the Chicago Fire fall finale where disgraced paramedic Emma resurfaced, but this time in a new job that could hurt Firehouse 51 at some point.

Closing the door on the “Brettsey” relationship might be difficult for some Chicago Fire fans, but as long as Dylan remains a decent guy, then it could be a bit easier to stomach.

Chicago Fire has some Season 11 drama coming

When Chicago Fire returns after the winter hiatus, we will all find out what happens with that big cliffhanger. A lot of drama will likely take place in the first few moments of the winter premiere, and the showrunners have warned us about repercussions.

And as previously reported by Monsters and Critics, a new member of the Chicago Fire cast has been revealed. It will be very interesting to see how she is worked into the show.

As for seeing Sylvie Brett in action, below is an exciting scene that featured her a few years ago.

To go back and re-watch earlier episodes from Chicago Fire Season 11, fans can stream them on Peacock. It’s probably worth seeing Brett and Dylan’s first meeting again, as well as that explosive fall finale.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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