Chicago Fire showrunners tease that ‘repercussions’ are coming

Taylor Kinney is Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire
Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) gets a new co-worker on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire has a cliffhanger to deal with this winter, and the showrunners are teasing that there is plenty of story left to tell after that explosion.

As a reminder, the Chicago Fire fall finale ended with an explosion, with Stella Kidd, Sam Carver, Detective Pryma, and a bomb squad tech still trapped in the house.

Outside the house, Kelly Severide had just arrived on the scene as Kidd and Carver were walking into the house to save Pryma.

Despite his attempts to gain entry, Severide was held back by Chief Boden and several police officers. That only got him amped up even further.

As previously revealed by the One Chicago showrunners, the following new episode of the show will begin with Severide rushing inside the house to check on Kidd.

What will Severide find in the debris? The showrunners are teasing that it isn’t going to be a good short-term outcome.

Consequences on the Chicago Fire winter premiere

“The incident has repercussions for everybody involved going forward. It’s going to change some things,” Chicago Fire co-showrunner Andrea Newman told Entertainment Tonight.

“Severide is definitely going to probably be the most impacted and we’ll see the fallout on him going forward,” Newman added to the teasing that she was doing about what will happen when the show returns.

Newman and fellow co-showrunner Derek Haas also stated that that cliffhanger intended to flip how Kidd is typically worried about Severide and instead put him as the firefighter waiting helplessly to find out if anyone is going to survive.

Chicago Fire return date and drama

The show’s next episode is slated to debut on Wednesday, January 4. That will seem a long way off during the current winter hiatus, but at least we aren’t waiting until February.

As for the continuation of Season 11, a new actress has joined the Chicago Fire cast, so she should get introduced pretty soon after the show returns with its winter premiere.

Additionally, some information about what we should expect from the return of evil paramedic Emma Jacobs has also been revealed. We definitely haven’t seen the last of her after that surprising return.

Below is a clip from when Emma returned and Violet Mikami could no longer stand by quietly.

Elsewhere in One Chicago, a new actress also joined the Chicago Med cast, and we should see a lot of her when January rolls around.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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