Breeda Wool: Who is the actress who plays Denise on GLOW Season 3?

Brenda Wool from Glow season 3 in unknown Lifetime movie
Who is Breeda Wool from GLOW Season 3? Pic credit: Lifetime

This weekend Netflix dropped the third season of GLOW which has the women taking the wrestling show to Las Vegas.

The new location means new characters, including a breakout character named Bobby Barnes, who is a drag queen. Another is a showgirl trainer named Denise who appears almost midway through the season.

The actress who plays her is Breeda Wool and while her role might’ve been brief, she left enough of an impression that fans are curious to know more about the actress.

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Well, here is what to know about Breeda Wool who appears in the episode titled “Desert Pollen” on GLOW Season 3.

GLOW | Official Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

Who is Breeda Wool from GLOW Season 3?

First off, if Breeda Wool looks familiar it might have to do with the fact she has a connection to Stephen King. Specifically, she has a recurring role in the series Mr. Mercedez where she plays Lou Linklater. The television adaptation broadcast on the Audience Network and has the amazing Brendan Gleeson in the lead role.

She also had a role in the show UnREAL as Faith Duluth–an LGBTQ contestant–which took a satirical behind the curtain glance at reality television and the drama that ensues.

Outside of this, she has had smaller roles in such hit shows like Weeds, The Affair, Vice Principals, and so much more with an IMDB list of 49 acting credits.

She has also starred in a few films including the horror anthology XX which is a film of numerous scary stories all directed by women– and from the sound of it, the movie is said to be quite good.

Breeda Wool on her Dark Role in "Mr. Mercedes"

How she got her start is rather interesting. Three years ago, Wool did an AMA on Reddit and opened up about her roots as an actress.

In the thread, she mentions that her very first role was in Tinkerbell. Her hometown is Urbana, Illinois but once she discovered her desire for acting she moved to New York City to make it a career.

In another interview, Wool mentions that acting is her ideal job, but that she has a degree in psychology but does not believe she would be comfortable being a therapist. That being said, it’s easy to see why she is such a good actress with her having a firm understanding of how people think and feel in various situations.

While she doesn’t have any projects listed down the pipeline, her small role in GLOW Season 3 is quite significant and impactful. By the end of the episode, her character Denise has unwittingly reshaped the lives of Debbie and Cherry simultaneously. To be able to pull this off in such a short period of time says a lot about her skills as an actress.

Breeda Wool’s performance as Denise on GLOW Season 3 can be seen on Netflix now.

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