Blue Bloods preview: Jimmy Buffett guest-stars in a fun dual role

Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett guest-stars on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods is ready to have some fun with a musical legend this week.

This week’s episode’s previews have iconic musician Jimmy Buffett in a fun dual role that should spark up the usual drama.

He won’t be alone as an award-winning actress also guest-stars in a clash with Frank.

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Blue Bloods and big guest stars

For a show that’s run twelve seasons, it’s surprising Blue Bloods hasn’t gone for that many A-list guest stars like other procedural dramas.

The series has used a lot of actors from Broadway, including a recent episode featuring Tony Award-winner Kelli O’Hara as an old friend of Erin’s. 

The series has welcomed an occasional bigger name star like a Christmas episode with Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood. Yet more prominent names don’t appear as much.

That will change as this week’s episode features long-time popular musician Jimmy Buffett. The singer is beloved by his millions of “Parrothead” fans for his laid-back musical style and fun concerts.

Buffett is also a best-selling author and businessman, including running the popular Margaretville bar chain. 

Given his persona as a guy hanging around tropical islands, having Buffett in wintery New York City may seem an odd choice. But this episode promises to give him a unique showcase.

Buffett won’t be alone in the guest-star category either, as the episode will also feature Regina Taylor. The veteran actress is known for her Golden Globe-winning performance in the 1990s drama I’ll Fly Away and the military drama The Unit. Her role here promises a big showdown with Tom Selleck.

What’s up for this week’s Blue Bloods?

The promo for On the Arm shows Danny running into Buffett at a bar, enjoying hanging with the singer and buying him drinks. However, it turns out “Buffett” is a lookalike con artist who Danny has to catch.

Danny pursues Dickie Delaney (Jimmy Buffett), a con artist pretending to be the legendary singer Jimmy Buffett, after he’s tricked into paying for the scammer’s meal at an expensive restaurant. Also, Frank investigates NYPD Captain Terrell (Regina Taylor), who is using her badge to get free wares from local stores; Erin worries about her reputation when she’s the subject of a salacious, anonymous police blog; and Jamie introduces a decades-old saluting rule in the precinct.

Blue Bloods 12x11 Promo “On the Arm”

It appears Buffett will be playing both Dick and himself, who wants to stop this imposter. The singer will no doubt be enjoying himself in this dual role and it’s fun seeing Danny star-struck by “Buffett.”

For the other plots, Frank will be clashing with Taylor’s captain, who seems to think this is just a minor thing but Frank, of course, takes it much more seriously. Still, busting a dirty cop is never a good thing for Frank.

While Erin is still wrestling with whether to run for District Attorney, having some shady stuff on a blog can hurt her chances. Meanwhile, Jamie’s rule may be causing more issues with his rank and file cops, including his wife Eddie.

It’s Buffett who’s the focus and the singer/songwriter should be sparking this Blue Bloods episode with some major fun.

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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